Postcards: The Big Picture Strategy

Postcard printing campaigns are just a small part of an overall advertising strategy.  These postcard printing campaigns should be carefully planned when integrated with other marketing efforts, for it is easy to forget the primary strengths that postcards can provide.
The following is a discussion of how postcard printing can fit into your big picture strategy for marketing.  It is not one single thing that makes postcard printing so effective. Rather, it is all of these following elements working together.
Postcard printing is one of the most cost effective advertising methods available.  Bulk direct mail rates and bulk pricing for printing are just two key areas that can make postcard printing so inexpensive.
Repetition, repetition, repetition
Simply put, repetition reinforces your brand.  Because postcards are so inexpensive, most companies can afford to develop multiple postcard printing campaigns throughout the year.  This repetition puts your brand, products, and services in front of your customer on a regular basis.
Third parties
Many third party printing firms will handle not only the production of postcards, but also the direct mail duties as well.  This can take a great deal of pressure off of your marketing staff who can focus on more time consuming advertising methods.  Make sure you choose a printing firm that you trust and that has extensive experience in both postcard printing and direct mailing.
Highly focused
Postcard printing campaigns can be focused on particular customer segments.  You may want to send trendy designs to your younger customers, while reserving more traditional postcard designs for your older customers.  Because postcard printing campaigns are sent via direct mail, you often have the ability to send out highly focused campaigns.
In summary
Postcard printing is an important part of a company’s big picture advertising strategy.  It should not be the only marketing tool used, but postcard printing can reinforce other marketing and advertising methods inexpensively.


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