Success with Postcard Marketing

Postcards present the perfect answer to a highly effective yet low cost direct mail marketing tool. Mailing a 4x6 size postcard costs less than mailing a regular envelope, and postcard printing is cheaper than most other mailouts. One of the major benefits of postcard marketing is that the headline is not hidden within an envelope, so potential clients can glance over the entire postcard in seconds. You can even double or triple your space and message by using Folded Postcards, which tab closed for mailing and don't require an envelope.  Not just any postcard will create results, though. Success with postcard advertising comes by following common marketing guidelines, some of which are listed below.

1. Focus the postcard message by deciding on a purpose. It may be to advertise for an upcoming open house or to promote a product or service. Knowing the purpose provides clear direction for the entire design process, so always begin with this step.

2. Next discuss the audience. Send the postcard to only the clients most likely to benefit from the offer, otherwise much time, effort, and budget money will be wasted. For instance, if the postcard offers a weed control discount for a two year contract, sending to clients who are selling their house or who rent may not be beneficial.

3. Write a headline and choose an image that captures attention. The graphics should provide a visual for the message and increase believability. Avoid headlines that are vague or misleading as this will discourage and frustrate readers. Instead, use the headline to evoke emotion and cause further thought.

4. Make the offer irresistible and call to action simple. The offer can either be listed on the front or back of the postcard, depending on the layout. Place the call to action near the offer so that readers do not have to search for that next step.

5. Do not go overboard on color and information. Clutter will overpower the message. Clients do not have time to wade through useless information to search for the offer. More than likely, they will give up before they ever reach the call to action.

Even after following these guidelines, postcard marketing takes time to perfect, so do not be afraid to make changes with each new mailout to test results. One last tip, never trade quality for price. The cost will be in the results, making void any initial saved price. PrintPlace provides high quality postcard printing and mailing at such affordable prices, you can print and mail your postcards in once place and save both time and money.

Postcard Printing

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