What To Put On A Basic Business Card

So you need to start thinking about business card printing?  You have a small business, you have some great ideas, now you just need some customers.  One of the most basic networking tools you can have is a color business card.  But business card printing is no simple matter.  This article discusses the basic information you need when you start your business card printing project.
Company Name and Logo
While not typically something that is forgotten when business card printing, it is still worth mentioning the importance of your company name and logo.  Your business has a brand.  People organize ideas in their minds based on categories.  Your brand is how they remember you.  What you do, how well you do it, who you are, and other pieces of information are all organized in the mind of your customers under the umbrella of your brand.  Your company name and logo are the centerpiece of that brand, so make sure you have that information on your business card.
Your Name and Title
It’s a mistake to create a generic business card printing project that does not have your name on the card.  Your customers want to contact a person.  Hopefully they have met you and will remember you when they need your company’s services.  While you might save money by printing generic business cards, this can ultimately backfire.
Your title is also important.  Your customers need to know who they are calling.  Keep titles simple and clear.  Business card printing that includes elaborates titles, such as “Chief Growth Specialist” rather than “Sales Manager,” can confuse your customers.
Contact Information
Finally, your customers need to be able to easily get in touch with you.  Business card printing must include basic contact information: 

  • Primary phone number 
  • Cell phone number, especially if you travel 
  • Fax line 
  • E-mail address 
  • Shipping address 
  • Corporate website

The company name and logo, your name and title, and the appropriate contact information are the basic pieces of information you need include when business card printing.  With this information your customer will be sure to remember who you are and be able to get a touch with you when they need you.  

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