Can Your Business Cards Pass the Test?

Business cards are often the first opportunity for your customers to be exposed to your brand. What do your custom business cards say about you? How can you tell if your business card is actually working for you? Go grab your color business cards and ask yourself these questions:

Card size

Is your card 3.5” x 2”? If your card is bigger than the standard business card size, your card will not fit in most wallets or business card holders. The result is that your business card will probably end up being thrown away or lost.

Contact information

Can your customer contact you directly across multiple communication lines? A phone number and an e-mail are absolute minimums in today’s modern, technology-driven times. Generic email addresses, such as do not give your customers the impression that they can reach you directly if necessary. The same goes for phone numbers: give people a direct line whenever possible.


Do your business cards include your company logo? It is very important to include your company logo so that your customers can quickly identify your card. In addition, this reinforces your brand to the customer.


Do your business cards include a simple tagline? If not, consider including a brief message that summarizes what your company can do for the customer. Otherwise, your customer may not recall what it is exactly that you can do for them.

Extra information

Do you have too much information on the front of your business cards? Your logo, name, title, a tagline, and basic contact information are typically all you want to include on the front of your business cards. If you have too much information, the customer will have a difficult time absorbing all of it. Use the back of your business cards to provide any details you may want to include.

Did your business cards pass the test? If not, consider re-designing to make sure your cards are working for you and not against you. Or worse, end up in the trash can!

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