Five Important Considerations for Business Card Printing

Before rushing into the all-important task of business card printing, stop a moment to think about the role of your contact card. A business card should say something about you and your company. It should bring back the conversation between you and the client long after you have parted. Therefore, designing a business card should be carefully completed. Here are five considerations to keep in mind for creating a memory-jogging card.

1. Alone in a crowd

At any business event where everyone is passing out their business cards, attendees usually come away at the end of the day with a handful of contact cards. Yours should accurately and uniquely represent your company. Don't make the mistake of creating a design that gets lost in the crowd but rather one that stands out.

2. Subliminal messages

The meanings of colors is a powerful way to convey certain feelings. Taking the time to research the different messages that each color sends will result in more than just a colorful card, it will also send the right kind of message.

3. Tactile advantages

One important aspect to business card printing that many people forget about is the feel of the card. When touching your card, a client will associate any unusual tactile sensation with your personality. Try uncoated stock for a more gentle message or sharp edges for an "all-business" corporate association.

4. Quality stock

Using cheap paper tells others that what you have to offer is cheap. Prospects will have trouble believing that your product has the best features of any available if your contact information is printed on flimsy, low-quality stock.

5. Speak clearly

The typography you choose for your text needs to not only represent your business image but should also be easy to read. Business cards do not allow for large fonts, which means that the type of font you use should be easily readable in a small size. Too many curly ques will hide the shape of the letters, so try something a little more easy to see.

Always consider these five aspects of design before printing business cards to insure that yours accurately and uniquely represent your company image.

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