Ideas for Double-sided Business Cards

One of the most cost-effective ways to increasing the potential of your business card is by printing on both sides. Two-sided business cards give you room to include more than just your contact information. Depending on your goals, your double-sided business cards can encourage clients to contact you, they can increase brand awareness, or they can provide helpful information, increasing the chances that a client will keep your card around.

One of the best benefits to using both sides of the business card is that it doubles your real estate but not your cost. Two-sided business card printing should only raise your price by half of the original cost. Not sure what would work best for the back of your card? Check out the ideas below.

Helpful Information - A local high school sports schedule, local events schedule, or a measurement conversion chart are all examples of interesting or helpful info that will keep your double-sided business card in the wallet or on the desk, rather than filed away and forgotten. Just be sure to include information that will appeal to your audience.

Advertisement - Business cards are a valuable marketing tool, so why not take advantage of this purpose by turning yours into a mini-ad? Include a headline, benefits, and call to action on one side with your contact info on the other.

Incentives - Give prospects a reason to call your business. Print a coupon, discount, or free trial offer on the back side, redeemable by visiting a website or calling a phone number.

Survey - A survey has the double advantage of providing your business with valuable demographic information while giving an incentive for the client to contact you. Write your questions on the back and provide a free gift if the client visits your website or calls in with their answer.

Brand - Include your logo with a tagline and nothing else for an impactful branding statement. The simplicity of this design makes your brand stand out that much more. Plus, if your card is lying on its face on a table, the logo could pique the curiosity of your prospect, causing them to flip your card over to read your company name.

Products and Services - A bulleted list of services or a featured product can be printed on the back of the business card. This is especially necessary if you cannot fit your services on the front of your card or are trying to promote a newly released product. For a featured product, including a professional photograph will make the product more appealing.

Double-sided business card printing should still be done professionally. Find an online full color printer who can meet your printing standards at a wholesale cost. Just as with a single-sided card, a two-sided business card will not make a lasting impression if the printing results are less than top notch.



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