Tips for Practicing Your Business Card Speech

Handing out your business card should be like breathing for anyone who wants to make successful contacts. As you hand out business cards daily, you are building relationships with business associates and potential customers. Therefore, you should accompany the distribution of your business cards with a well-practiced speech, also called an elevator pitch. The following tips will help you get ready for the encounters that could result in your future success.

Tip #1: Practice Often
The more you practice, the more comfortable you feel. The goal is to feel so comfortable that you don’t sound like you are reciting your speech; it should roll naturally off your tongue. Don’t wait until the drive to a networking function to practice. Practice everyday in front of a mirror as you never know when you will use it.

Tip #2: Research Thoroughly
As you give your speech, you should sound like an expert in your field. And if the prospect asks questions, you should be able to give an intelligent answer. You never know who you will encounter, so be ready with plenty of knowledge.

Tip #3: Build a Relationship Beforehand
With most of the business world involved in online social networking, you have plenty of opportunities to build a relationship with your future contacts before you even meet them. Read the blogs of people in your industry. Comment on blogs and become a fan on social networking sites. Talking online can build a preliminary report that will set you at ease when you finally do meet.

Tip #4: Tailor to Your Audience
The more familiar you are with your audience, the more relevant you can make your speech. If you anticipate speaking to potential investors, learn as much about their businesses as you can. If you know that you will meet business associates at a trade show, then write your speech for that industry.

Tip #5: Be Concise with Benefits
Get to the point as soon as possible. Your speech should be brief as you will only have a short time that you can hold the attention of your audience. The benefits of your business is really what your audience wants to hear, and it will hold their attention longer. Make yourself very familiar with the high points of your benefits so that you can quickly spell them out to prospects.

Tip #6: Prepare Your Business Card
Your elevator pitch should ultimately lead to your handing over of your business card. Therefore, you must always have business cards handy. Print high quality, attractive business cards and keep them safe in a business card case. To ensure that you will never be caught off guard, keep business cards in multiple locations: in your coat pocket, your car, your briefcase, your desk. And do not forget to keep these locations stocked.

If you can prepare a one minute speech for when you distribute business cards, you will be ready for any encounter at any time. This way, you are better able to manage first impressions and turn a chance meeting into a new client.



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