Business Card Exchanges: How to Remember a Name

Hardly anyone is good at remembering names. That is why the people who can remember names stand out. I will never forget a professor that I had in my freshman year of undergrad. He was infamous for knowing all of his students’ names in every class that he had, past or present. His reputation worked in his favor.

If you can become good at remembering names, the people you encounter will notice and will be impressed. This is where business card exchanges come in. If you can remember a name after the first mention, when exchanging business cards, you will really turn heads. Here are some great suggestions for retaining the names of people during that all important first business card exchange.


Repeat the Name

When you first learn a person’s name say it right back to them. Even when your friend is introducing them to you. “Hi Sam, my name is Pat” or “What kind of business are you in Sam?” By repeating the name right away, you will have a higher chance of retaining it.


Make Eye Contact

Many times it will help you to place a name if the face is well attached to it. Look right into your new acquaintance's face and use their name in the conversation.


Read Their Business Card

Most people hold onto information better if they see it written down. Take some time to read the business card handed to you. If there is something unique about the name, feel free to ask polite questions about it. You can ask about the origin of the name or what the story is behind it. The more information you get surrounding a name, the more easily it will come to mind in the future.


Study the Business Card

When you return home or to the office, pull out the business card you received and study the name. Try to remember the face that goes with it and bring it to mind. If you can do this with most of the business cards you receive each week, you will have a better chance of remembering the names of people the next time you meet them.


Take an Interest

You cannot always remember everyone's name. However, if you remember the place where you met or a detail about the conversation you had, you are doing well. Few people are offended if you do not remember their name but will be impressed if you remember your previous meeting.


When you receive a business card, make sure to hand out your own business cards. This way, prospects may better recall “the one who remembers names” and be more likely to choose you when needing your services or products.



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