6 x 9 Postcards

6 x 9 Postcards

6 x 9 Postcard Printing Complete With Mailing!

Go big, bold, and powerful with 6x9 postcards that give your message the large format needed to get noticed. With oversized postcards, you can create a high impact design with a large font and large images. Or turn your 6x9 postcards into a mini newsletter to maintain a relationship with your customers throughout the year.

  • All postcard quantities are 100% offset printed.
  • Choose from four specially selected glossy or uncoated stocks.
  • Seven (7) standard sizes and or custom trim to any size.
  • Choose full color, full bleed printing on one or both sides.
  • All standard sizes are eligible to mail at USPS automated Letter rates. 4x6 size can mail at the postcard rate. 
  • Postcards can include a tear-off perforation.
  • Helpful Hint: UV coating cannot be added to the address/mailing side if the job includes mailing services.

Direct mail marketing using 6 x 9 postcards is an economical and efficient way to attract new customers. These simple, cost-effective mailers are great attention-getters. Need more space? Look into our Folded Postcards


In a rush?  Same Day turnaround option is available for cards printed on 10pt and 14pt cover, gloss 2 sides.


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Follow the specifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include PDF, AI, and JPG versions of each template.

Select a ZIP file to download

Flat Template
4x6 Click Here to Download  
4x9 Click Here to Download  
5x7 Click Here to Download  
5.5x8.5 Click Here to Download  
6x8 Click Here to Download  


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6x11 Click Here to Download  

Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

View templates for all products click here.
Click here for guided instructions.

6x9 Postcards

Newsletter postcards are a highly effective alternative to a traditional newsletter. Smaller amounts of information are easier to digest, and since the postcard is already open for viewing, your recipients are more likely to read it right away. In addition, 6x9 postcards cost less to design, print, and send in the mail. Make the most of your mini newsletters with the following tricks:

  • Send out your newsletter postcard with more frequency because it is easier to design and print. The amount of content that fits on 6x9 postcards is perfect for a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Eliminate the envelope and you have an instant marketing tool. Your recipients don’t even have to open an envelope to see your headlines.
  • Condense your content and make it easier to read than a traditional newsletter. For those who do not have enough content for a full newsletter, this postcard alternative is perfect.
  • Short blurbs about tips and tricks, lists, and facts and figures fit very nicely on newsletter postcards.
  • Only highlight one article instead of several. You can fit about 400 words on 6x9 postcards, so make your words count.
  • Useful information should be the focus, but you can add a small amount of marketing content as well.
  • Keep the font size 10-12 pt. so that it is easy to read.
  • Leave out the table of contents since there is only the front and back sides.
  • Place your content in columns to keep the newsletter feel.
  • Use a nameplate at the top of your newsletter postcards. Nameplates should include issue number, date, and name of newsletter.
  • Always include your contact information and your web address.
  • Get your 6x9 postcards printed professionally in full color on quality card stock for the best impression.

If you have never designed a postcard newsletter before, you may be stumped as to where to start with your design. Simply look up some examples online for inspiration and go from there!

All standard sizes are eligible to mail at USPS automated rates.

4x6 postcard

Mails at First Class Postcard presort rate (average $.24 each)

5x7 - 6x11 postcard

Mails at First Class Letter presort rate (average $.38 each) or Standard Letter rate ($.27 each).


  • Size: if you trim to a custom size, ensure that width divided by height falls between 1" and 2.5"
  • Design: must include a 4" wide x 2" tall unprinted area at the bottom right corner of the back side (mailing side)
  • Orientation: must be horizontal (width is the larger dimension)
  • Coating: cannot include High Gloss or Dull UV coating on back (mailing side)

Non-Profit - if you hold a valid USPS non-profit permit, we can mail under your non-profit rate if paperwork is completed.  Contact Mailing Services for details.

For more information, including mailing list requirements, please reference our Mailing Services page.

Need more space?  Check out our new Folded Postcards.


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