Greeting Card Envelopes

Greeting Card Envelope Printing: Reinforced Marketing

Most businesses use direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy. When you send things to customers, you should back up your efforts by using professional and attractive printed envelopes. Envelope printing can enhance your efforts and reinforce your brand image. When a customer receives a mailing from you that includes a custom printed envelope, it greatly increases the chance that that customer will read what is inside.

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Greeting Card & Announcement Envelopes
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Greeting Card Envelopes

Many companies have found greeting cards to have the potential to be a more personal marketing tool or an effective promotional vehicle that can contain a simple message signed with a logo or signature of the company CEO, vice president, or president. The only drawback of greeting cards is that they are enclosed and, therefore, hidden in a greeting card envelope. When shuffling through their mail, many people simply do not want to take the time to open an unfamiliar envelope and end up tossing it with their junk mail. With this in mind, the greeting card envelope is the most important aspect of your mailing campaign. Avoid wasted marketing money and effort by designing a custom greeting card envelope for your mail out. At, we offer several greeting card envelope options for customizing an envelope to fit your size and style of literature. Before you place an order, though, keep in mind a few tips when creating your greeting card envelope.

1. Choose the right style of greeting card envelope for your mail out. If you do not know the size of your literature, measure with a ruler. Generally, greeting cards come in the A6 size (6.5 x 4.75 or 6.25 x 4.5) or the A7 size (7.25 x 5.25 or 7 x 5).

2. Imprint envelopes with a personalized return address. Use either your logo or design the return address with a special font and color. Remember that the key is to make sure clients recognize that the mailout is from your company.

At, we will address, stamp, and mail your greeting card envelopes to your mailing list or provide one for you. Visit our website today and print envelopes that will entice clients to open your greeting card rather than toss it.


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