Maximizing The Effects of Flyers

Increasing the Effects of Flyers

Looking for a secret marketing tool that will give you more punch for your advertising dollar? Turn to flyer printing at for a stunning advertisement backed by a price match and satisfaction guarantee. With 4 color flyer printing, your product will capture the attention of consumers more easily than black and white or one color printing.

Details: Flyer Printing

  • Five paper choices
  • Nine standard sizes, with custom trimming option available
  • Nine folding options (not all folding options are compatible with every size and substrate)
  • Full color on both sides or one side only

Further increase the effects of your 4 color flyer printing with a layout and format that can be used for several advertising avenues. Choose a size that will enable you to transfer the use your flyer between a direct mail piece and a poster. Create a layout that will make your flyer work as a brochure as well. Or simply gather your staff and hand out flyers to passer-bys on the street or at an event.

Don't forget to include something extra to entice customers to follow your call to action. Choose the perforation option provided here at for a removable incentive that can be placed inside a wallet. Remember to make your incentive timely so that customers have to act quickly rather than to keep putting off your offer. And with our on time guarantee, can ensure that your 4 color flyer printing project will arrive with plenty of time for customers to take advantage of your discount or door prize ticket.

Maximizing Flyer Marketing Results

Flyers are one marketing item that many businesses reach for whether needing to advertise for a specific event or product, or simply for creating awareness of the company itself. Even though flyers are one of the less expensive advertising tools, they can be just as effective as posters or brochures. Here are just a couple of ways to make sure your flyer printing results are pushed to the max.

Create a Dynamic Design
Because of the many perks associated with flyer printing, nearly every business tries their hand at flyer printing at one point or another. With so many flyers out there, yours needs to be captivating, and one of the best ways to do this is with 4 color flyer printing. Unlike with black and white printing, color flyers allow you to include eye-catching images and to separate information with different colors. Avoid printing your flyers on your inkjet because they will look just like every other "homespun" flyer out there. is one wholesale printing company who can follow through with the quality needed for an incredible product at the right price. With 4 color flyer printing from, you not only get stunning colors but also a gloss coating so that your images shine.

Enhance Versatility
Your 4 color flyer printing cost can be stretched further by designing it for versatility. For instance, a flyer can be used as a direct mail piece if kept to a mailable size. If designed correctly, it can also be tri-folded into a brochure. When you place the most important information on the front side, this same flyer can be posted on local bulletin boards or in the windows of non-competitive businesses. This flyer can also be handed out on the street, especially if the company used 4 color flyer printing to enhance its appeal.

Include Incentives
Just like any other marketing piece, flyer printing is most effective when you provide an incentive with the call to action. Rather than just asking clients to call you for more information, promise them a 10% discount if they call and make a purchase.

Make the incentive timely to create a sense of urgency, such as bringing in the flyer for an event or calling by a certain date. You may even decide to include a removable discount card, which is easy to do when you choose the perforation option on our Instant Pricing form here at

When focusing on flyer printing, you don't want to have to worry about the final results after you send the print job in. This is why you need Not only do we provide more options and services than other leading printing companies but also we have the best prices available. So, once you've designed flyers for the best results, turn to us and we'll take care of the rest.


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