Creating Business Cards

When creating a business card, remember the purpose of this tiny yet powerful marketing tool. Business cards are not for explaining all the details of your company but rather for making a professional impression and lasting image for the client. You do not have to create an incredibly flashy card. Just follow some simple creative tips to produce a card that clients remember.

1. Before opening your design program on your computer or even sketching some initial ideas onto a pad of paper, first determine your company style. Prospects will be more likely to remember you if your card clearly promotes your brand. For instance, a jewelry vendor would be remembered more clearly by incorporating images of precious gems onto a business card rather than printing plain black and white cards.

2. Once you have determined your style, choose the font, images, and colors. Make sure the font is easily readable and the colors and images enhance the text rather than hide it. Do not go overboard on colors - stick to only two or three at the most. Avoid clutter by printing contact information on one side and extra information like services or products on the back. Your images can be as simple as a logo or a more personal picture. For instance, realtors often use a portrait photograph on the business card to help clients connect and remember them.

3. Finally, choose a printer that offers enough options for easy customization. At, we provide the choice of standard paper stocks for stylization. Different levels of gloss allow for you to enhance the tone of your business card. offers aqueous, high gloss UV, or dull UV coatings. You can also choose to print vertically for better organization of a list of services or products.

Creating business cards does not have to be difficult. Just plan thoroughly, design carefully, and use to print professional business cards that produce results.

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