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Postcard Discounts For Those On A Budget

So you’re getting ready to launch your postcard campaign and you’re asking yourself, “Self, how can I get a real postcard printing discount?” There are a lot of online printing companies, and some of them market themselves as wholesale, discount or even cheap printers. But look more closely and you’ll find that many of them don’t offer custom printing options or designs and they’re just imprinting your name on a pre-designed postcard template already being used by many other companies just like yours. How do you know you’re choosing a high quality custom printing company if the only thing they advertise is low prices?

At we know that the success of your postcard marketing project depends largely on your design. To help you create fully custom designs that are press ready, we have made free downloadable templates available on our website. We even have United States Post Office requirements noted on our postcard templates, so you can be sure your direct mail postcard gets the best postage rate it can get. We also provide complete graphic design services if you are pressed for time or are unsure about your creative abilities.

In addition to design, you have the fun of shopping for options. Our Instant Pricing guide makes choosing a quality paper stock and finishing options for your full color custom postcard simple and fast, and you can price out direct mail services right in your cart. Our knowledgeable direct mail staff can help you upload your mailing list to us, or buy a list from us that can be targeted to your key demographic. We’ll inkjet the addresses and take them to the post office for you; you never have to leave your desk to complete a successful, affordable postcard printing project. For more information, please read our Mailing Services page.

Looking for additional discounts? Our Coupons page may have something to suit your needs. Check it out and select the discount that will work best for your full color postcard. We’ll email you a code you can enter at the checkout screen and see your discount immediately. The specials change regularly and you never know what you’ll find on the Coupons page.

Order your postcards today at and let us show you how easy and pleasurable a printing experience can be.

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