5 Business Card Printing Tips

Business cards are a personal marketing tool, one that leaves the client with a reminder of your conversation. Another purpose of the business card is to leave an accurate impression of your company. Therefore, make sure the design of your business card shows the professionalism of your business. Listed below are five business card printing tips to aid the design process.

1. If your business card design includes a color picture, photo, or color background, choose glossy paper. This type of paper makes images and logos "pop."   However, for more subtle designs or for a more serious presentation, such as a law firm, uncoated cover stocks are becoming more popular.

2. Avoid low resolution photographs. If your business card contains poor quality images, no one will notice even the most sophisticated design. Also remember that if you are going to use a digital camera to capture an image, be sure the setting is on the highest resolution.

3. Of course, the company name should be the focus of the business card but another important item on the card is a short tag, usually placed directly beneath the name of the business. This tag or tagline can include illustrating the type of service you provide or your company's motto. Your contact information should be a smaller font than the company name.

4. Continually be aware of your design. Be careful to not change your image but keep your look fresh by trying a new color scheme this time. The key is to make timely changes - you do not want to appear old-fashioned but also do not want customers to think you are flaky.

5. Use the front side of the card for a logo, company name, and contact information. Utilize the back side for listing products, services, or benefits. A small three or six month calendar is another option for the back of the business card.  Need more room?  Check out our folded business cards.

After using the above tips and printing your business cards, you are ready to place them in your wallet for that next appointment or chance meeting.

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