5 Uses For Promotional Postcards

Postcard printing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tools available. The small size provides for a quick design, low-cost printing, and cheap mailing. Plus, postcards produce more results in a shorter amount of time.

It is easy to get stuck in one use for postcards. Maximize the success of your marketing campaign by utilizing a few different postcard ideas listed below.

1. The Direct Mail Piece

The most common use for postcards is, of course, direct mail advertising. For the best results, send to a specific client list and design the postcard to their lifestyle desires. Don't clutter it with unnecessary information. Be sure your headline makes an enticing offer and your call to action is clear. Use images that relate to your offer and include your contact information.

2. The Holiday Postcard

Instead of spending extra money on a holiday greeting card and envelopes that clients may or may not open, send a holiday postcard. Simply choose a holiday photograph, write a custom greeting, and include your contact information. The point of a holiday postcard is to connect with customers, so its best to avoid any sales pitches.

3. The Newsletter

Print your monthly newsletter on a postcard so that clients can glance over the information without needing to turn any pages. Use an oversized design and create it to look like a newsletter with a nameplate, articles with headlines, helpful tips, inspiring quotations, and a photograph or two that relates to the topic. You won't have room for fluff, so keep words to a minimum. 

4. The Invitation

Use a postcard for invitations so that guests will see the invite instead of throwing away an envelope they don't recognize. Create the front to look like an invitation with a "You are invited to" phrase, the event name, time, date, location, and your company name or logo. Place a map and your contact information on the back. You can go formal with an elegant font type and no photographs with a brief list of speakers or a note regarding dress and refreshments. Or for a family event, include photographs and a list of activities.

5. The "Table" Advertisement

Place promotional postcards on advertising tables in hotels, banks, real estate offices, clinics, or any other non-competing business that has a similar client base. Make sure that they are appealing enough to not only capture attention of passers-by but also create the desire to be picked up. You can even design yours with a space for a note and mailing address so that someone can mail it to their friends who may be interested in your offer.

A final note: use a professional postcard printing company so that no matter the purpose, your postcards will reflect positively on your company.

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