Alternative Uses for Business Card Stock

A business card is extremely cheap to print compared to other marketing materials. For instance, with, 500 double-sided business card printing only cost $23.00. It only makes sense to take advantage of this low-cost size for promotional purposes other than just a business card. The following are some useful ideas for 2x3.5 sized paper stock that your company just may want to take advantage of.

Calendar with upcoming events
Pocket calendars are handy to keep around, so many people appreciate them as a gift. Use your card stock to print a small 3 or 6 month calendar with your logo and your own event dates highlighted. These small sized calendars fit perfectly on the refrigerator or metal file cabinet, which is why a magnet might be a good idea.

Survey cards
Card stock is perfect for short surveys. You can hand them out to your customers or leave them around town for others who might need your business. Offer an incentive like a free gift or a discount for surveys returned to you. When surveys are turned in, hand a business card over in exchange.

Appointment cards
Another handy use for a business card sized piece of card stock is an appointment card. Have your contact information on one side and a place to write down appointment times on the back. This way, clients can keep the appointment reminder in their wallets.

Tickets to an event
Use a foldover business card to create a tearaway ticket for an upcoming event. One side of your ticket should have the event information. Another side can include stunning graphics that get your guests excited about the event. Of course reserve the fourth side for your actual business card.

Promotional cards
Your 2” by 3.5” card stock can also be used as a coupon. Offer a percentage off or a “spend $50 get $10 off” type coupon. Or you can use the business card sized card stock for a loyalty card. Used tiny icons or dollar signs that you punch out as purchases are made. For instance, buy 10 coffees get 1 free!

Have fun designing these little, useful business cards. Don’t skimp on the design; as with any promotional item, these cards reflect on your business. Once your design is complete, simply upload onto and you can have them printed and in your mail in as little as one day.


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