Business Card Design Tips for Professional Designers

Maybe you have been designing professionally for years and just need a refresher course. Maybe you’re new to design and need a basic “how-to” article so you can give your client a good first impression. Either way, we all need reminders once in awhile to make sure we stay focused on what’s important. This article reviews key considerations you should keep in mind when designing and printing business cards for your clients.
What does your client do?
You need to understand your client’s audience and customer base. What do your client’s customers expect in a business card? Is your client the creative type and need a trendy card? Are they a professional and just need a basic, clean card? Your client’s customers are the end-user. All other aspects of the business card design revolve around what it is your client does.
Does your client already have a logo or other printed materials?
This question may save you a lot of headache. Your client may already have brochures or letterhead which have already been developed. If so, you need to know so you can keep a uniform look and feel across their business cards and other advertising mediums. This will help reinforce your client's brand and save you the frustration of finding out later that you need to do a redesign.
Does your client have unique needs?
Many industries have begun to include certain features on the business cards. Real estate agents are including full-color pictures. Mortgage industry professionals are including conversion charts for interest rates on the back of business cards. Make sure to ask and do your own research to see if there are unique elements that should be included.
How much contact information should your client include?
Not every client wants all of their contact information on the business card. Busy executives are often selective about to whom they give their email address and direct line. Don’t hesitate to verify all the usual contact information with a form that includes the following:

  • Company name
  • Employee name
  • Employee title
  • Email address
  • Direct line
  • Cell phone
  • Fax line
  • Mailing address
  • Corporate website  

So there is your refresher course or business card design overview. No matter how much you may want to be creative and exciting, remember it is your customer’s needs that matter most. Don’t hesitate to include some creative ideas, but keep the client’s customer in mind as they are the ones who will eventually be using the business card.   

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