Catalog Editing and Proofreading

One of the more exhausting and tedious tasks within marketing and advertising is catalog printing and production. The sheer wall of raw data, information, and pictures is sometimes seemingly insurmountable. Before sending your product off to the catalog printing presses, here are some editing and proofreading tips to keep you organized and sane.

Catalog printing should not be called complete without solid proofreading first. What is proofreading, exactly? The task of basic grammar, punctuation, and spell checking are the job of a proofreader. Many software suites have built in proofreading tools, but many industries have their own lingo that must simply be reviewed by a human. Besides, spell checker does not know the difference between words such as there and their.

Checking citations, reviewing technical information, and rewriting passages to improve readability and clarity are examples of editing tasks. Catalog printing projects should include thorough editing to ensure that product information and technical specs are both correct and make sense to the reader. This is especially true with industries that have their own terminology and language.

Divide up the work
Even if your marketing and advertising department has limited staff, the editing and proofreading tasks can be divided up. You can even break up the monotony of the task by switching roles amongst staff members. At the end of the day, someone must be responsible for the catalog printing final product. Do not neglect to clearly define whose role that is. Sometimes dividing the work up can confuse this issue.

Use a specialist
There are catalog printing specialists who can provide editing and proofreading services. Keep in mind that the services may not be helpful if your industry uses a great deal of jargon specific to it. Still, involving a third-party who can put an objective set of fresh eyes on your catalog printing project wont hurt.

In conclusion
As involved and tiresome as catalog printing projects can be, the editing and proofreading aspects may be the worst part of the process. Once your catalog printing project has been sent off to the presses, theres no turning back. So do not skip this important step and use the above tips to help.


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