Choosing the Right Brochure Printing Firm

Now that anyone can go online, upload their files, and order brochures, the major challenge is finding the right printing firm.  How can you separate the professionals and amateurs?  How do you know if your brochure printing project is a right fit for a particular company?
These questions and more are explored in this article.  One of the most frustrating and wasteful experiences you can have as a small or large printing business is the amount of waste that result from errors in a print job either through equipment malfunction or incompatibility with a clients’ file quality.  Brochure printing is especially important, as you are often going to be printing in full color on expensive paper.
While we are often in a hurry to get a brochure printing project back into our hands, make sure the printing firm can supply you with samples.  While this may take a few extra days, the savings in time and money are usually well worth the wait.
Newness of Equipment
With everything searchable online, it is not difficult to do a quick research on the Internet on what kind of equipment your printing firm uses and if the equipment is 15-20 years old or if it is up to date with the latest technology.  This should be a quick way to make sure the printing firm is using state of the art equipment.
Price should not be your only consideration, but it is most likely at or near the top of your list.  So cruise around and get some quotes off of some other websites.  Remember, it is not always the cheapest price that matters most.  Just look to see that you get the best quality for the price most agreeable to you and in comparison to other printers.
Turnaround Time
How fast can that printing firm get your brochures back into your hands?  This is important to know before actually placing your order.  On occasion you might find a printing company that cannot promise turnaround times of less than 20 days or more, while others can promise only a few days. So make sure you know what the terms of your agreement are before you confirm your order.
Customer Service
It’s worth calling the company where you are considering brochure printing to see how responsive they are to your questions.  Customer service is an important consideration, especially if there are problems with your order.  A good time to call the company is when you are ordering samples.
Finally, make sure the printing company will guarantee their work.  Of course, you are responsible for giving them files in the proper format.  Short of you giving them bad information, the printing firm should be one to guarantee their work.

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