Competitive Printing: Dos and Don’ts with Social Media

While many businesses now make use of social media in order to spread their brand name in the market, not all of them are able to do so effectively. It’s surprising, really, especially since you only need to follow certain dos and don’ts and everything should be set. For starters, here are a few examples for you to chew on.

Do: Target an audience. With social media, your goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, right? Wrong! The main goal is actually to reach out to the right people who would be faithful and regular customers. People need to have a certain degree of interest in what you do before they show you any money, so don’t waste your time and effort barking up the wrong trees. Set your sights on specific people and focus your marketing on them.

Don’t: Forget to proofread. Going digital isn’t an excuse to slack off with your proofreading. Don’t forget that it is even more embarrassing to make a mistake online than with printed material. You don’t want this at all, so never ever skip this step.

Do: Update. Social media gives you a lot of chances to consistently update your announcements, product lists, booklets, brochures, prices, and any other information relevant to your customers. Take this opportunity to keep the interest fresh and to get your customers to visit your site as regularly as possible. Stagnant sites are quick to be forgotten.

Don’t: Spam. Nobody likes spam in their email folders or Facebook walls, no matter who it’s from. Just don’t do it.

Hopefully, knowing the ins and the outs of social media will give you the edge over the other businesses you are competing with. At the very least you will have learned how to improve your use of social media and how to rake in more customers with the internet.

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