Tips for Eco-Friendly Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars can be great promotional tools that remind people about your business on a daily basis. However, environmentally conscious business owners may have some concerns about printing calendars because calendars are made with a lot of paper. If you are concerned about preserving our environment, you will be happy to know that there are ways to make promotional calendars that are eco-friendly.

Choose a Printer that Uses Environmentally Friendly Paper Stock

Choose a Printer that Practices Conservation

You should also find out if your printer uses environmentally friendly practices in daily production. Make sure they recycle any paper waste. Also, find out if their packaging is made from recycled material. You might check to see if they use inks free of hard metals and harmful chemicals. If you want to use a national printer, check to see if their production plants are spaced out around the country so they use less fuel delivering their products.

Create Pocket Calendars

You could also reduce the amount of paper used in your calendar printing by having small pocket calendars made. Pocket calendars are often more used than wall calendars, so they are a good choice for marketing purposes as well.

Have Smaller Wall Calendars Made

If you really want to do a wall calendar printing, you can still reduce the amount of paper used by making them in a smaller size. Many calendar printing companies offer the smaller 6x9 or 6x12 size, which provides plenty of room for stunning photos and readable dates.

As with any print materials, you can't get around the fact that promotional calendars use paper, but you can reduce the environmental footprint your calendars leave by following more eco-friendly printing practices. Just remember to print a recycle reminder on the back of your calendars so that customers feel compelled to follow your company's example of more eco-friendly practices.


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