Gather Valuable Customer Data by Printing Stickers

Everybody loves a sticker.  As early as grade school we were taught that stickers were a good thing to get.  Often we were rewarded for doing something well with the sticker.  To this day, stickers are still a positive symbol in our culture.
You can use this ingrained cultural icon to gather valuable customer information.  Besides, as far as print advertising goes, printing stickers are as cost effective as it gets.  But how can you get your customers to volunteer their mailing address or email address?  This article discusses two ways to get this information from your customer by printing stickers.
Reward your customer
Whether your customer comes into your store, walks up to your trade show booth, or visits your website, offer to send them funny or interesting stickers as a reward.  You’ll be surprised at how many people will respond.  Stickers provide a powerful incentive, but your stickers must be relevant.
By relevant, we mean that you should make sure that your customers will actually want your stickers.  Your own company’s logo or website is probably not enough.  Consider funny messages or silly pictures as a way to make your stickers interesting to your customers.  You can also choose more serious subjects, such as offering your customer the choice between a republican or democratic bumper sticker, as an example.
Drive your customers to you
Sticker printing can also be useful for driving customers to your website.  Develop stickers and include your company’s web site on them and put your stickers on anything and everything you can.  Of course, you should limit your sticker sticking to things that you own or control, so don’t go around putting your stickers in places where they shouldn’t be.
Create bumper stickers to give to your employees, to place on any boxes you ship, and to use on anything that you can at a trade show, for just a few examples.  The point is to expose your customers and potential customers to your website and logo as often as possible.

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