Getting Professional Brochure Results

Brochures are a wonderful marketing tool that can draw in new customers and keep current ones loyal. However, creating an effective brochure is a little more complicated than you might think.  A poorly designed and printed brochure can actually do damage to your marketing efforts. Avoid this unfortunate mistake by using these tips from professional brochure designers. This way, you will be sure to get professional brochure printing results every time.

Choose the Right Paper for the Job
The look and feel of your brochure impacts the way your audience will perceive your business. Using a strong, glossy coating for brochure printing will give brochures a professional quality. Your photography will looks its best on the glossy paper and the brochure will last longer if the paper is thicker. Usually, 80# or 100# gloss text is a good choice, or you can go with the thicker 10pt or 14pt cover paper.

Use the Best Ink for the Job
Most professionals use a four color combination of ink called CMKY for brochure printing. Printing with these four colors results in thousands of colors printed on your brochure. Some brochure printing projects may only need one color printed in varying shades. But for most professional brochures, you will need all four colors. Make sure your printer offers full color as a standard option.

Gather Inspiration
Gather and study the best brochures done by current designing experts. The best way to create a professional looking brochure is to use the best brochures for an example. You can take the basic design and modify it to fit your needs.

Stick with a Tri-Fold Design
There are several folding options for brochure printing, but tri-fold brochures are the most popular for a reason. They are the easiest to design, print, and display. Unless you have a specific reason for a different layout, you will probably want to stick with a tri-fold design.

Create an Enticing Front Page
Professional designers know that the front cover of a brochure is the most crucial part. Start with a bold headline that will catch the attention of passersby and give them a reason to pick up the brochure and open it. The background and the graphics you use can add to the message of the headline as well.

Hire a Photographer
The higher the quality of the image you use in your brochures, the better they will turn out when you print your brochures. If you are a great photographer, then go ahead and take your own pictures. But if you are not experienced, hire someone to do it for you.

Use Professionally Designed Fonts
The basic fonts that you find in a word processing program are not the fonts that professionals use in brochure printing. New and unique fonts can be found for free online. Choose two or three fonts that are professionally designed for a professional look.

Have Your Brochures Printed Professionally
Nothing spells amateur more than a brochure printed and folded in the office. Make sure that your brochures reflect the quality of your company by using a professional brochure printing company. Here at, we provide quality you need but at an affordable price. Plus, you can use our Instant Pricing Tool available right on the order form to see exactly how much your brochure order will cost. Our quick turnaround means that your brochures will arrive quickly so that you start getting results as soon as possible.

While professional results may take some extra effort, the finished product will be worth it. So give brochures the tender loving care needed and watch your results soar.


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