The Elements to Designing Unique Business Cards

Sometimes you only get one chance to make a distinct impression. If your business is in the business of being unique, consider handing your potential customers a unique business card. For amazing examples of unique and creative business cards, check out this link. With all the options available, where’s a good place to start? Here are a couple of ideas to help kick start your process of unique business card printing:

1. Shapes – add rounded corners to your card to differentiate your design.

2. Sizes – oversized or undersized business cards can have an equally dramatic effect. You have to be careful here because too big of a card becomes a brochure and two small of a card can get lost. Experiment with different sizes to see what kind of impression the card leaves you with.

3. Colors – of course, you have to consider color business card printing if you want to stand out from the pack.  If you utilize a quality online printer, you can print high quality full color cards.  Your full color card will stand out from the pack of stereotypical black and white business cards.

4. Other Ideas – consider printing on uncoated card stock for a more subtle design. If your business card includes a photograph of yourself or your business, consider adding a high gloss UV coating to make the photos really pop.

Some business types simply need a unique business card to represent them. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the myriad of possibilities, start by playing with these different kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and coatings.

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