Three Questions

If you’re a small business owner or startup entrepreneur, you’ve likely been struggling with one of the first problems any business operation has to deal with. That being, the delicate balance between spreading the word about your business and over marketing your company to the detriment of your operating budget. When is the right time to advertise, how much is enough and what’s the best marketing strategy for your needs? All of these are important questions to consider before embarking on an ad campaign.

Timing - The first thing to realize is that there are going to be times when consumers are either more or less responsive to your product and this is going to impact your advertising efforts. Selling ice cream is going to be an easy sell during the hot summer months, but you’re going to have a few lean months if you’re still trying to hock your rocky road scoops during the chilly winter holidays. Instead, why not put out an ad boasting that you have the best chili in town? That’s just one example, but it highlights the need to weigh the timing of your advertising as well as the unique aspects of your products that might lend themselves to certain time frames.

How Much - There are a few factors you’re going to want to look at to best determine your commercial printing needs. The most important is realizing who you want to speak to in your advertising. You don’t want to overextend your advertising, so determining the geographic area your customers are coming from is crucial as well. Once you have a grasp of those two things, you should have a clearer idea of what your marketing needs will be. Keep in mind, you can’t reach everyone, so focusing on only those who will be most likely to buy your product will save you from wasting money.

Strategy - So, you’ve figured out who you’re trying to reach and you’ve got your time figured out, now all you have to do is determine the best way to reach them. Fortunately, there are so many print marketing tools available that you’re sure to find the right one to fit your needs. If you’re trying to reach over the road truckers, brochure printing strategically placed at all the big truck stops in your area could do the trick. Trying to market a line of educational aids for students? Print booklets about your products and shop them around at your local school district offices. For every need there is an appropriate tool. Familiarize yourself with the options at your disposal and imagine how each could be used to effectively highlight your products.

Once you’ve answered each of these questions, you should have a foundation you can start building a successful marketing campaign on. If you still have concerns or questions, though, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult your printing company. They can offer you advice and make suggestions that you may not have thought of on your own. Marketing your business doesn’t have to be a struggle, especially when there is professional help available.

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