The Truth about Business Cards Tailored for You

When running a business, it is easy to fall into the “shirk on quality to save money” cycle. Many small business owners try to cut cost any way possible to increase profits, which isn’t necessarily wrong. The problem comes whenever an owner chooses low cost at the expense of professionalism.

One of the common mistakes made in small companies is with printing business cards that are generic. Many believe that they can save money by buying business card paper, designing using a template with generic art, and printing on their office printer. The truth is one-sided black-and-white amateur business cards end up costing more than double-sided full color custom business cards from a wholesale printer online. The paper alone can cost more than a wholesale order.

Office Depot sells matte white perforated business card stock for about $16 per 200 cards or approximately $80 per 1,000 cards. Linen sheets of 250 cards at Desktop Publishing Supplies cost around $40. In contrast, most wholesale custom printers online offer quantities of 250 for between $15 and $40, depending on the order. 

Not only do custom business cards cost less, but they also include the option to fashion a unique look. Use your own high-resolution photographs or create your own graphic design on Photoshop. The best wholesale printers will include full bleed in the regular cost. Print on both sides and include a bulleted list of services showing why your company is the best. Just be sure to choose a full color printer for high quality results. Another choice that should be included is between several coatings or uncoated so that you can easily customize to match the image of your company. Or, less than half a cent more per card, you might want to choose rounded corners for a card that stands out. 

The final advantage of custom business cards from an online printer is that you never have to leave the office during the entire process. Your professional business cards will arrive at your door in less time and less cost than if you bought the supplies and did it all yourself. The myth that amateur business card printing costs less is just that – a myth. So, go online, find a wholesale printing company that fits your needs, and order custom business cards to save your small business money.

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