Viral Sticker Marketing for Your Company

Viral marketing refers to using social networks – friends, family, customers, etc. – to spread a message via word of mouth.  Modern viral marketing includes e-mails and using digital social networks for communication as well.  The beauty of developing a viral marketing campaign is that it grows on its own, sometimes exponentially!  All you have to do is get it going and more and more people begin to hear about it.
Sticker printing has long been a method that businesses and other organizations use to fuel a viral marketing campaign.  This article discusses some of the reasons that sticker printing has become a go-to product for viral marketers, and ways that you can use sticker printing for your own firm.
Sticker printing costs
Easily one of the most cost-effective print advertising formats, sticker printing has a cost per piece that is often a fraction of the cost of other marketing materials.  The cost advantages of sticker printing make it an ideal medium for viral marketing, since one of the main benefits of viral marketing is that it is so inexpensive.  Definitely work with a professional printing firm as they will be able to ensure a professional product.
Sticker printing psychology
Even as preschoolers, our culture has beat it into our brains that stickers are a form of awards.  This ingrained positive symbol in our culture and society lives on as we become adults.  Sticker printing takes advantage of this cultural icon and enables people that may have never even been your customer to advertise on your behalf.
Define a message
Often viral marketing is a result of a unique and relevant message.  Often you have to find a problem in our society, or at least a problem that most of your customers face, and put a twist on it.  Your sticker printing campaign should evoke a smile or make people think deeply about an issue.  A generic message will get lost in the fray of other generic messages that people are inundated with every day.  So make sure your sticker printing message is unique and interesting.
Start with loyalists
To really get a viral marketing campaign going, you should start with your loyal customers.  Ask them if they would be willing to help (they usually will be), and have them hand out stickers on your behalf.  This is a great way to get inexpensive or even free advertising on behalf of your business.  And the fact that other potential customers are hearing from somebody other than you about your business adds credibility and can fuel the flames of your sticker marketing campaign.

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