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Love them! September 15, 2022 by Tonga ( SC )
“Quality Stickers!!! I love my stickers great price”
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“Quality product created and shipped in a timely manner.”
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“product is what I ordered and looks great. will order again”

Update Your Packaging and Promotions With Custom Stickers

Upgrade your seasonal packaging or product launch promotions with custom stickers. Create a new look for your events, campaign, or freebies like bumper stickers. We print your designs on sturdy materials that protect against sun, moisture, and other external elements. You can also print on indoor materials like white sticker paper for items displayed in your store.

Once you've selected the suitable sticker material, standard shapes and custom sizes are available to match the design. Combine the best features that will distinguish your custom logo stickers. Whatever your preference or plan, PrintPlace offers a variety to fit your different needs.

Do You Need Singles or Roll Custom Stickers?

Sticker singles come in individual pieces and are normally applied by hand. You can stack them neatly and bundle them in sets. After selecting your total quantity for your custom sticker printing order, go to “Advanced Options” and indicate the quantity you want in each set.

Roll stickers come in the same standard shapes as cut-to-size. If your preferred size is not available, you can select “Custom” as your shape. A variety of widths and heights are available for you to get the exact dimensions you need for your design. This format takes at least 2 business days to print.

Customize Your Own Stickers With Prime Finishes and Durable Materials

Materials That Stick to Reinforce Your Design

All stickers are printed on durable weather-resistant, waterproof, or indoor-friendly materials. Discover the best option for your packaging or sticker from the following:

  • Vinyl paper is weather and scratch-resistant and available for both formats.
  • Roll stickers can be printed on oil and water-resistant materials such as white, metallic, and clear BOPP. White BOPP provides a solid white background. Metallic has the same effect as foil at a cheaper price. Clear offers a transparent look for bottles and jars.
  • Highlight displayed store items with the indoor-friendly white sticker paper.

Bright and Luxurious Finishes to Elevate Your Design

All these come in matte, gloss, or high gloss UV coating if you need to print personalized stickers.

  • The matte coating has a smooth, subdued finish, while gloss gives colors an extra pop. The former is recommended for an elegant design, while the latter works for fun color combinations.
  • You can also print custom stickers on the water-resistant, extra shiny high-gloss UV coating. This creates an added sheen and gives bold hues a brighter finish.

Print in the Exact Size and Shape You Need

Singles come in the four (4) standard shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval. A variety of sizes are available for each shape. Among the rectangle or square options, 3” x 3” or 6” x 6” are popular for minimalist designs or visuals that focus on one element .

Roll stickers come in the standard shapes, plus custom size options if you require a specific look. Select "Custom” as your shape and you can combine a wider range of widths and heights.

How to Customize Your Own Stickers

PrintPlace makes it easy to create and buy custom stickers online: Select “Design Online” on the Online Calculator to create a design on your browser. The Online Design Tool will load, showing your chosen shape and size. You can upload images, edit text, and play with available colors.

Prefer using a layout template on your go-to editing program? Head to the “Layout Templates” tab and check the sizes available. Double-check if they match your custom logo stickers plan. Select the ZIP icon to download and access the JPG, EPS, PDF, PUB, or PDF template files. All downloaded files show the guidelines that ensure your design is formatted correctly before printing.

Have a file ready on hand? After indicating your custom sticker printing features on the online calculator, click “Upload Now” to send us the file directly. If you want to review your uploaded artwork before production, choose “I need a PDF proof” under the Proofing Options section.

Have questions about our printing services? Call us today and our experts will gladly answer all your questions. You can reach them at 877-405-3949 from Mondays to Fridays, 6am to 10pm CT, Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 7pm CT or through Live Chat if you need real-time explanations on our custom printing.

Custom Stickers FAQs

What if my design does not pass the printing guidelines and requirements?

If your design does not meet the printing requirements, our team will communicate the concern and discuss how we can remedy the file.
Note that any additional changes will cause a delay in the turnaround time. To ensure that your file meets all printing guidelines, download a template and create your design on that file. Review the file for the following before submitting or uploading it on the site:
  • The color tone is in CMYK
  • Resolution is at least 300 dpi
  • The printed design follows the bleed, trim, and caution lines

What format should I submit the file in?

We accept files in the following formats: PDF, EPS, PUB, PSD, JPG, JPEG, or TIF.

What is the smallest size available for custom stickers?

The smallest size depends on the format you select:
  • Singles: 1.5” x 2.5”
  • Roll: 0.5” x 1”
  • Sheet: 4” x 6”
  • Kiss-Cut: 2”x 2”

Which sticker material can I write on?

Uncoated white paper stickers have a writable surface. This material is popular for stickers used on delivered packages or envelopes.

Is there a minimum quantity for ordering stickers?

Yes, you must order at least 25 singles, kiss cut stickers, and 250 rolls and sheets.

If I need a large order, should I order roll or cut-to-size stickers?

We recommend the roll stickers for large quantity orders. Roll stickers are easier to apply quickly whether done manually or using a label dispenser. Cut-to-size stickers are more suitable for small orders starting at 25 pieces, letting you hand them out easily or insert them in your packages.

How much does a custom sticker cost?

The cost will depend on the quantity, size, shape, material, and finish of your sticker. After inputting your specs, the online calculator will load the total price and unit cost for each piece. Note that the price increases with a faster production time and other advanced options such as rounded corners or a custom trim.

My sticker design has a centered image. Would that look better on a roll or cut-to-size sticker?

Since roll stickers are printed one at a time, it is easier to position a centered image more precisely on the background. We recommend opting for a roll sticker over cut-to-size for designs with a central image. Roll stickers are also much easier to peel.

What does the turnaround time indicate?

Turnaround represents the number of days required to print your job. It does not include shipping time or direct mail processing time. All turnaround times are based on business days and exclude national holidays. Read our detailed explanation of our turnaround options.

What is the difference between matte, gloss, and high gloss?

The matte coating has a smooth surface and provides a sophisticated but subdued tone to your colors.?

Gloss adds vibrancy to every color and makes images pop in a design.?

High-gloss UV provides the ultimate glossiness and reflectivity. Out of all the coatings, this can withstand frequent handling.

What is the difference between the BOPP materials and white sticker paper?

BOPP materials (clear, white, and metallic plastics) are used on items such as beer, water, and wine bottles. These work best for indoor use on items that require refrigeration, making them water- and oil-resistant. None of them can be written on with a standard marker or pen.

White sticker paper is used for indoor products that won’t be exposed to water or other outdoor elements. This material is also not writable.

Both paper and BOPP materials come with either gloss or matte laminate.

How much does it cost to print custom stickers?

The cost of your custom stickers depends on the size, shape, material, and quantity. The larger your order quantity, the less you spend per piece. This applies to both formats. For example, 50 square white paper sticker cut-to-size costs 50¢ each. On the other hand, 1,000 of the same type only costs 5¢ per sticker.

How many stickers are printed in one roll?

The number of stickers per roll depends on your chosen size and shape. The average measurement per roll is at 3” in diameter. You may contact our printing experts if you need a specific number of stickers per roll.

What does the unwind direction for a custom roll sticker indicate?

The unwind direction determines where your artwork will be printed on each roll sticker. It also shows the direction from which the stickers will unwind from the core. The direction is indicated according to the copy on your custom sticker printing design:
  • Top of copy
  • Bottom of copy
  • Right of copy
  • Left of copy

Custom Sticker Layout Templates

Use our custom sticker layout templates to ensure your artwork and designs are sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each custom sticker size below, in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format for Illustrator or Photoshop.

View Cut-to-size or Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

The Best Shapes for Custom Stickers

Custom Sticker Shapes
Print custom stickers in four shapes that fit your product’s packaging or serve as corporate gifts to clients and employees. Find out how you can utilize each of our available shapes.


Rectangle Stickers

Go for this shape if you need precisely angled corners for a statement sticker or your logo’s design. This is also usually used on bumper sticker designs.


Square Stickers

A safe and sure choice for logos and designs in the standard square shape. Square stickers are also easy to place on both small, medium, and large-sized surfaces.

Circle or Round

Circle Stickers

This shape’s lack of sharp edges makes your sticker stand out in a sea of square and rectangle prints. You can also customize your circle custom sticker according to your preferred size and design specifications.


Oval Stickers

Like rectangle stickers, the oval shape is suited for classic text logos or statement designs. This particular shape works well for product labels and marketing stickers.

You can also customize the trim of your stickers according to your preferred size and have the edges as rounded corners—at no extra cost.

Start creating custom stickers with us today.