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March 7, 2019 by LMHkid
“Great product, easy to design, reasonably priced, and fast shipping!!”
February 13, 2019 by Amanda B
“Very pleased with the quality and appearance of the product”
July 26, 2019 by Mimi123
“Thanks for the fast service. I ordered them to promote our themed community event and they were a big hit.”
June 7, 2019 by Hank
“I love the quality of the labels, I just wish they were easier to peel, it's hard to get it started.”
February 11, 2021 by Marni
“The water bottle labels are plain matte paper. The thank you notes are glossy card stock. Seems the other way around would have made more sense. As it stands both looks sort of cheap.”

Print Water Bottle Labels for Every Event

Give away thirst quenching water bottles branded with your logo at a company event. Print water bottle labels with a permanent, all-purpose adhesive that instantly sticks and shows off your brand long after the major event.

Let Your Brand Stick

We print your custom water bottle labels in two forms normally used at events and as promotional materials.

Cut-to-size stickers

  • Arrives stacked and individually cut for fast, easy manual application
  • The best choice for low quantity orders starting at 25 pieces
  • Comes with scored liners (at 1” apart) for easy peeling at the back
  • White vinyl is waterproof; withstands both indoor and outdoor elements
  • The white paper sticker has a smoother surface and is ideal for indoor distribution or use

Roll Stickers

  • Permanent adhesive stickers lined in a roll
  • The best choice for high quantity orders starting at 250 stickers
  • Best applied using a label dispenser but also easier to peel than a cut-to-size

Choose among the following materials for your roll water bottle labels:

Sticker Materials
White Premium Sticker paper

A popular choice for its smooth, all-white surface.
White Vinyl

The thickest and most durable material.
Clear BOPP

Transparent material that makes the design appear printed on the surface.
White BOPP

A durable white polypropylene film.
Silver Metallic BOPP

Gives your sticker a foil-like look.
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Oil and Chemical Resistant
Textured Paper Stock
White Vellum Laid Texture (Estate 8)
White Laid Texture (Estate 4)
Cream Laid Texture (Estate 9)
Water resistant (at least 4 hours)
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Oil and Chemical Resistant
14° to 167° F Temperature Range

The durable, waterproof nature of white vinyl makes it the most advisable material among the options available. The label will stick long after the event or distribution, reminding customers of your company after keeping the water bottle.

Good to Know: These personalized water bottle labels are different from the wraps used by major water companies. The cut-to-size and roll labels have a permanent adhesive, while the commercial water bottle wraps are heat-sealed but have no adhesive.

Size It All Up

Print your water bottle labels as rectangle, square, circle, or oval shapes. Each shape comes with their respective size options.

half wrap

Select sizes above 2”x 2” for the square, circle, or oval shapes.

full wrap

Order the 2” x 8.5” for rectangle labels meant to wrap around the bottle.

Note: All shapes and sizes are best applied on water bottles with a flat or straight surface.

Upload your artwork file today or start creating a design using our water bottle label templates. Cut-to-size water bottle printing for labels are done the same day they’re ordered. Roll water bottle labels can be ready to ship in just two business days.


Which is the best label type to order if I require a large quantity of custom water bottles?

Order a set of roll labels for a minimum of 250+ pieces. All labels come on a roll with a 3” diameter core that fits most label dispensers. The continuous roll format allows for quick and easy machine labelling application.

What are the popular water bottle label sizes?

If you need a label that wraps around the entire bottle, choose the 2” x 8.5” from the rectangle options.  The rectangle 2” x 4” for the roll or the 2.5” x 4” for the cut-to-size is usually chosen for half-wrap or front only label designs.

What are the recommended label measurements for commercial water bottles?

Commercial Water BottleBottle SizeLabel Size
Crystal Geyser® 8 oz. 1.25" x 8.75"
Mountain Valley Spring Water® 12 oz. 1.50" x 8.25"
Costco® or Kirkland™ 16.9 oz. 1.25" x 8.25"
Crystal Geyser® 16.9 oz. 1.25" x 8"
Nestle Waters® 16.9 oz. 1.75" x 8.25"
Aquafina® 20 oz. 3" x 8.75"
Dasani® 20 oz. 2.75" x 8.75"

When can I expect my order?

The turnaround time refers to how long it takes to produce your order. Cut-to-size water bottle labels can be made the same day they’re ordered. Roll water bottle labels can be ready to ship in just two business days.

Water Bottle Labels Layout Templates

Our water bottle label templates ensure that your artwork meets our printing guidelines. You can download the free printable water bottle label template in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format.

Make a Splash with Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Give away custom water bottles at your next charity event, company outing, or as part of your brand’s event promotions. Here are a few memorable ways you can maximize these branded labels.

  • Give away a bottle of water at an outdoor event like a race or company barbeque. Use our BOPP and vinyl stocks if you need labels that could survive being dunked in ice water unscathed.
  • Create real estate water bottle labels. Give a refreshing drink away at your next open house or during a property showing session with potential clients. Include your contact details, company name, and hot listing details so that customers bring home more information on your business.
  • Personalized for special occasions. Create a design that highlights your company’s anniversary or a milestone worth celebrating.

Need more inspiration? Check out these tips from our blog:

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