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December 7, 2021 by DeGroot
“I was extremely thankful for all the guidance through the process of making my window cling, thankfully there are still good people out there that care about their business!”
July 23, 2021 by Albert M
“Amazing support when trying to get my order. We called them and they took care of every question we were unsure about. The printing quality was good as well.”
November 13, 2020 by Kevieemt2
“First time using this company and I'm glad I did. Affordable.”
September 25, 2020 by DAshton
“Got my window clings quickly with no issues! Will buy from them again!”
October 21, 2018 by David777
“Just putting them up. So far so good. I'll keep you posted.”

Garner Your Customer’s Sustained Attention With High-Quality Window Cling Printing

Custom window cling printing immediately increases your brand’s exposure and your chances of higher in-store foot traffic. Let your storefront stand out and call attention to every customer that passes by. The static material easily adheres to glass and other smooth surfaces, like plastic or metal.

Print your design on a clear or opaque background. Choose from a wide range of small and large sizes for varying display scales. Custom sizes are also available.

How to Create Custom Window Clings Like a Professional Designer

1. Choose the appropriate size for your artwork.

The 5"x 5", 5" x 7", and 8" x 8" sizes are the go-to choices for bulk orders of smaller designs. Bulk orders of small sizes are shipped flat in a box.

The 16" x 20" and 24" x 36" sizes are common choices for large displays. These bigger sized window clings are rolled and shipped in a triangular tube.

2. Select your material based on the desired transparency or color clarity.

Your choice of static cling material depends on your design's colors and how it will appear against the surface.

  • White static cling is like printing on white paper. Note that only the non-printed side of the white static cling adheres to the window
  • Clear static cling has a transparent background that makes your design appear as if it's part of the glass. Both the printed and non-printed sides adhere to the window. 

3. If you've chosen the clear static cling but need some portions in white ink, we'll set up the file based on your selection:

  • Make Only the Background Transparent (Most Popular)
    • All text and images will be in its given color and easier to read. The background will remain transparent.
Your File On Window

  • Make White Areas on File Print Clear
    • Only the text, images and background that are white will be transparent. All other design elements will be opaque.
Your File On Window

  • Make Everything Transparent
    • The entire sticker will be transparent. Not ideal for stickers with small text.
Your File On Window

  • Follow File Transparency Settings
    • Choose this option if you've set up your file with the correct transparency and HPT-White layers. We will print the design as is.
Your File On Window

Smooth, Sticky, and Easy Installation

The material clings on both the printed and non-printed sides. Your window cling application location depends on the transparency of your glass and how you want the design viewed.

To Apply in Front of Window

  • Clings to the window on the non-printed side
  • Best placement for tinted windows
  • Allows for maximum readability from the outside

To Apply Behind Window

  • Order clear static clings if you will apply the printed side behind the window
  • Ideal for clear, transparent windows; do not place on tinted windows from inside
  • Angle protects window cling from outside elements

4 Easy Steps for Quick, Easy Window Cling Application

1. Remove dust and other small particles on the glass.

2. Peel off the backing at 2” from the top before removing the rest to apply the window cling.

3. Wash the surface with water and dishwashing liquid then apply the window cling to the glass surface.

4. Gently push the squeegee from the center of the cling and then push it outward to the edges. Use this to remove excess liquid or air bubbles. You can also use a credit card or any similar object to press the window cling down.

Print window clings today to bring in more customers and increase exposure for special promos. Opaque window clings can be printed in 1 business day, while clear static clings take 5 business days to ensure a correct file. Any questions? Direct them to our print experts.


How do window clings adhere to the surface?
Window clings use static to apply itself on glass, plastic, and metal. No adhesive is used for it to stick on the glass.

How often can I reuse my window clings?
The clear static cling window film is still reusable after you’ve applied the non-printed side on the glass. It cannot be reused if the printed side was applied on the surface.

Can I reposition the window cling?
Yes, as long as you apply the non-printed side on the surface for clear static clings and you follow the application instructions above.

How do I prevent bubbles from appearing when I apply the window cling?
Spray water on the glass before placing the window cling on the surface. Refer to the application instructions above for more details.

Do you offer custom sizes?
Yes. Select custom size on the online calculator then indicate your preferred width and height.

Window Cling Printing Layout Templates

Use our window cling layout templates so your artwork and designs are sized and formatted perfectly for your storefront. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each window cling size below, in different popular formats.

View Window Clings Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

How to Maximize Window Clings Even If You’re a First-Time Entrepreneur

Not sure how to promote your first product or big sale? Here are some surefire strategies that will boost foot traffic and customer interest:

  • Use big fonts to emphasize a special deal your customers can enjoy. Make sure they can read "50% off" or "2 for $5". Images need to be in high resolution so details are clear even from afar.
  • Don't limit your advertising space to the storefront. Lead customers to your store with clings applied on surfaces going to your store. Use arrows to point them to your store.
  • If you're selling products on consignment or having them resold elsewhere, provide them some window clings for promoting your products.
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