11 Best Practices in Creating and Producing Custom Stickers

Custom stickers have become a versatile and popular tool for personal expression, branding, and marketing. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your creativity or a business aiming to enhance brand visibility, understanding the best practices in designing and producing custom stickers is crucial. In this guide, we'll delve into expert tips and strategies to ensure your custom stickers look fantastic and stand the test of time.


  1. Choose colors appropriate to your brand. Colors play a pivotal role in sticker design. To make your stickers visually appealing, choosing colors that resonate with your brand or artistic style is essential. Understanding color psychology can help you evoke specific emotions or reactions from your audience.
  2. Identify the right sticker size. The size of your custom stickers matters. Consider where you plan to place them and ensure they are proportional to the intended surface. Balancing size with design elements is key to creating stickers that capture attention without overwhelming.
  3. Make text readable with the right typeface. Don't overlook the importance of text readability. Choose a typeface that aligns with your design theme and ensures clear communication. The right font can enhance the overall aesthetic and impact of your custom stickers.
  4. Consider cut lines and borders. Adding lines and borders on your stickers can impact their final appearance. Pay attention to the dimensions of your design, ensuring it fits seamlessly within the chosen sticker shape without losing any crucial elements.
  5. Add QR Codes to further engagement. Boost engagement by incorporating QR codes into your designs. QR codes provide a seamless way for people to access additional information or promotions related to your stickers, keeping them engaged and interested. You can link your QR code to your e-commerce site or to a digital catalog so potential customers can view and shop your products online.
  6. Avoid clutter in the design. Simplicity is often the key to effective sticker design. Avoid clutter by focusing on a central theme or message; make room for white space to emphasize the graphics. Streamlining visual elements ensures that your stickers deliver a clear and impactful message.
  7. Find a reliable printer. The success of your custom stickers heavily depends on the quality of the printing. Research and select a reliable printing service that can bring your designs to life accurately and vibrantly.
  8. Choose durable materials. Half the battle of producing quality stickers is choosing the right materials. Whether they're for outdoor use or indoor applications, opting for durable materials ensures your stickers withstand the elements and maintain their vibrant appearance.
  9. Explore finishing options. Enhance the visual appeal and longevity of your stickers by exploring various finishing options. Matte or glossy finishes, for instance, can add a professional touch and protect your stickers from wear and tear.
  10. Proof check your work. Before sending your designs for printing, thoroughly examine the file. Check the proof copy for errors, ensure colors are accurate, and verify that the design aligns with your vision. Taking the time to review can save you from costly mistakes. Don’t forget to test your QR code multiple times to ensure it works and redirects to the right page.
  11. Inspecting printed stickers. Upon receiving your printed stickers, conduct a thorough inspection. Check for color accuracy, print quality, and any imperfections. Addressing issues promptly ensures that only top-notch stickers reach your customers.

Designing and producing custom stickers is an art that merges creativity with technical precision. By adhering to best practices, balancing design elements, and ensuring top-notch production quality, you can create stickers that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Whether for personal use or business promotion, the synergy of design and production is the key to sticker success.

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