As far as economical advertising goes, flyers are often your biggest bang for the buck.

Designing Flyers on a Budget

As far as economical advertising goes, flyers are often your biggest bang for the buck. When designing and printing flyers on a budget, there are a number of ways to cut costs while also maintaining the integrity of your advertising campaign.

Flyers are ideal for quick distribution methods, such as handouts at a trade show, as well as stationary locations like a countertop, for example. Flyers are smaller by design than other advertising methods like poster or booklet printing, but bigger than postcards and business cards. This makes flyers an excellent option when you need to give customers a lot of information but you cannot afford booklets or catalogs.

Lose the color
One of your biggest costs in printing flyers will be the cost of color printing. To avoid handing out black and white flyers, just print on colored paper or use red ink.

Use stationary
If you already have stationary with your logo and contact information printed, try designing your flyers to integrate onto the stationary. This can be especially effective if you have a color logo on your stationary and only want to print black and white flyers.

Print at a Print Shop
You may not realize it, but a significant portion of your costs can be tied up in labor if you attempt to produce your flyers on your own. Professional printing firms can print and fold thousands of sheets an hour! They have the equipment and experience to complete projects quickly and efficiently, so save yourself the frustration and send the project to the pros.

Use both sides
Make sure to incorporate both sides of the paper into your flyers. This may seem commonsense, but the extra real estate can mean the difference between an effective design or a cluttered design. Using both sides of the paper can save you money simply because you are using less paper to say the same thing.

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