Book Boxes

  • Customize a box for single or bulk book deliveries
  • Made of thick, 3-layer corrugated cardboard
  • Create a design online & preview it in 3D


Personalize Your Customer’s Experience With Custom Book Boxes

In a world where we access everything on a screen, book lovers and story seekers long for the break on a printed page. With a book in hand, readers are transported to another world without the distraction of notifications or messages. Your bookstore can continue providing this experience through custom book boxes. While you may not have a physical store, an e-commerce business can continue bringing the analog experience to your customer's home. Book boxes protect and present the title as if the customers were discovering the story on a shelf.

Create book mailer boxes that showcase your business and what readers can anticipate inside. Choose the exact size, material, and finish to complete the substantial experience only print can offer. Check out how you can personalize every detail in the guide below.

book boxes

How to Create Premium Book Boxes Readers Will Enjoy

Enter the accurate length, width, and depth for your book boxes.
The dimensions you enter will depend on the quantity and size of the books placed inside the box. Make sure to account for the interior dimensions for measurements that will fit the titles. You can base the length, depth, and width on the book's actual respective dimensions, while adding a few inches to prevent damage on the edges.

Double the measurement where applicable—stacked books of the same size will have double the depth, while titles beside each other will need twice the width.

Design the artwork online and preview your book mailer boxes in 3D.
After inputting the size and selecting the custom book boxes features, you can create the design online on your browser. Our easy-to-use design tool shows the flat interior and exterior sections of the custom mailer box. The design tool lets you add colors, upload images, combine shapes, and edit text. With every update, the 3D preview will show the likely appearance of the final product.?

Start with a sample or request for a free PDF proof before we proceed with production.
If this is your first time ordering with us, you can request a sample mailer book box, and we will produce it within 3 to 5 business days based on your specifications. Shipping begins after this production period.

Those ready to order at least 25 pieces can request a free PDF proof that is viewable online. We will only proceed with production after receiving approval of the free PDF file.

The standard production time is 10 to 15 business days, but you can expedite it to 6 to 8 business days. The period indicated gives our pre-press team and print experts enough time to ensure the highest quality in your order.

Have more questions about our printing services? Contact any of our experts, and they'll gladly walk you through the details. You can request a custom quote if you need a specific custom printing job that isn't available on the online calculator.

Custom Book Boxes FAQs

How do I assemble the book mailer boxes?

You can assemble the custom mailer boxes without using glue or an adhesive. We deliver the mailer boxes flat and scored, showing where to fold and assemble your package into its final form. Follow the steps below for assembly.

  1. Place the mailer book box on a flat, dry surface.
  2. Fold all scores.
  3. Roll the fold at the creases located on the right and left outside walls.
  4. Snap the tab lock into the tab holes found at the bottom.
  5. Insert the left and right dust flaps into the interior of the box.

I have a print-ready file available; can I upload it to your site?

No, but you can request a dieline template. Input the box specifications based on your design and select "Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template." We'll send a PDF file showing the flat layout of your box and the correct placement for each area for you to use. The template ensures the file we use is accurate for production.

What is the fastest production time available?

One sample box takes 3 to 5 business days to produce. For orders at 25 pieces and up, you can expedite production between 6 to 8 business days.

Do I save more with bulk printing?

Yes, the larger your order quantity, the lower you spend per box. The quantity menu list indicates the unit price and how much you save as the final amount increases.