Hotel Brochures

Hotel Brochures

  • Customize a design on 2-, 3-, & 4-panel folds
  • Print on sturdy paper & cardstock options
  • Arrives folded & ready for distribution

A Versatile Hotel Promotional Tool

Explore new ways to unveil your hotel’s experience.

Showcase Your Amenities in High-Quality Hotel Brochures

Capture your hotel’s luxurious experience in compact brochures. Unveil the best rooms, showcase the hotel’s luxurious facilities, and summarize other important information on 2-, 3-, or 4-panels. Display them at nearby establishments or give them away at special travel events for attendees to keep. Discover how you can customize your hotel promotion brochures with PrintPlace’s expertise below.

How to Distinguish Your Hotel’s Premier Facilities and Services

Organize the hotel or resort’s experience in the correct number of folds.

Choose from several 2-, 3-, or 4-panel folds that uniquely reveal images and text. The standard hotel tri-fold brochure options suit long lists and small-sized photos, while the 2- and 4-panel choices have more space for photo or visual-centered brochure designs.

Make the brochure last with sturdy paper or cardstock.

Whether you’re a 3-star hotel on a budget or a 5-star resort rebranding its image, there’s paper or cardstock available to match your needs. The 100 lb. paper is the thickest among our paper options, while the 16 pt. cardstock offers a luxurious experience to fit your hotel’s experience.

For those under lower budgets who need to make a strong impression, 70 lb. or 80 lb. paper is available. The 10 pt. cardstock is recommended for materials slightly thicker than 100 lb. paper. The 14 pt. cardstock is a midrange option for 4-star or 5-star hotels.

Highlight every amenity in shiny gloss, or list your offerings in easy-to-read matte.

Gloss, matte, and high gloss coatings do more than protect your brochure design from scratches and fingerprints. Each image pops on the page, demanding your potential customer’s attention.

  • Gloss has the right level of shine and suits brightly colored designs.
  • High gloss is the most reflective under light. It is typically applied on high-resolution images, making it perfect for detailed photos of your facilities.
  • Matte has the least glare among the coatings. It works best on light or neutral palettes and longer text that needs to be read.

Create Your Hotel Resort Brochure in Minutes

Upload a print-ready design.

Is your hotel brochure ready for printing? Upload the file directly to our site, and we’ll review it before proceeding to production. You can also check the file for the printing requirements here.

Download a layout template.

Have you yet to create a design but have a preferred editing program? Head to the brochure page’s Layout Templates and download the format you need. Choose from the available sizes of JPG, PUB, AI, PSD, and ID formats.

Use the Online Design Tool.

Need to familiarize yourself with the standard editing programs? PrintPlace’s Online Design Tool lets you create a brochure online. Select Design Online below the Online Calculator. to get started.

Need more tips for designing your business or hotel resort brochure? Check out the guides below.

Hotel Brochure Printing FAQs

Can I review my hotel brochure before you send it to production?

Yes, you can request a free online PDF proof after uploading the file to our site. Select “I need a PDF proof” under Proofing Options on the File Upload page. You can download the proof from the Shopping Cart after upload or from My Account after checkout. We will only proceed with production after receiving your online approval of the PDF.

What file types do you accept for design uploads?

The preferred formats for hotel brochure uploads are JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF, and EPS.

How soon can I receive my hotel brochures?

The hotel brochures’ arrival depends on the production time you choose and your location. Shipping begins after the indicated production time. To get an estimate of your order’s arrival, go to “Get Shipping Estimate” and input your ZIP code. Several dates will appear based on the information provided.