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Free Template Download for Comp Cards

Our comp card layout templates are available for Illustrator, Photoshop, or Publisher. Use them to ensure your artwork dimensions are correct by placing them on your design. The trim, caution, and bleed lines show you exactly where to keep your design elements before you send it to press. This is an easy way to make sure nothing gets too close to the edge.


Next Steps:

Here are some helpful tips when designing your Comp Cards:

1. Pay attention to the safe area, cut and bleed area to make sure your comp card designs don't get cut out.
2. Pick your best headshot as your main image, with different images at the back to show your range.
3. Include details such as height, hair color, size. Don't forget to provide contact information where people can easily reach you.


Once you have your design, you can start ordering your comp cards here. You'll be able to pick:

-6 standard sizes
-10 pt. or 14 pt. Cardstock
-Gloss, Matte or High Gloss front coating
-Turnaround time from same day to 5 business days

After choosing the specifications, here are 3 easy steps:

1. Upload your print-ready design file.
2. Our Prepress will proof your file for free. We follow a 30-point proof inspection.
3. Approve your proof and send it to production. That's it!

Follow all the specifications provided to ensure
your artwork prints correctly and on time.

4x6 Comp Cards Layout Template

4x9 Comp Cards Layout Template

5.5x8.5 Comp Cards Layout Template

5x7 Comp Cards Layout Template

6x11 Comp Cards Layout Template

6x8 Comp Cards Layout Template

6x9 Comp Cards Layout Template