Beer Labels

Custom Beer Labels Make Your Microbrewery Matter

Brewing the perfect IPA or lager doesn’t stop at great tasting beer. Having the final product stand-out is equally important. Eye-catching beer labels spell the difference between capturing customers or your brew just gathering dust on a shelf. Whether you’re a microbrewery or just starting out in the world of artisanal craft beer, beer label printing is an important factor that cannot be ignored.

PrintPlace’s custom beer labels are professionally printed and come individually cut or spooled on a roll. A wide variety of material options are available to cater to your specific requirements.

Bring Out the Best Combination for Your Labels

Personalizing beer labels start with choosing the best format – cut-to-size or roll. Cut-to-size are individually cut and can be ordered in small quantities, making this format the perfect option for beginner brews. Roll labels work best for rapid application on hundreds of bottles with the help of a label dispenser.

Beer bottles usually have to be stored in a refrigerator or chiller, requiring hardy label materials that can hold up well to the temperature range and moisture. We recommend white vinyl material for cut-to-size beer labels. For roll labels, BOPP and textured paper are ideal choices. BOPP is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Textured paper can be refrigerated and resists moisture for a limited time.

Beer bottle sizes vary between manufacturers. We recommend measuring the bottle you will be using before proceeding to print.

Beer Labels Layout Templates

Our layout templates also ensure that your Beer Labels meet our printing guidelines. You may download the right layout template for your label in EPS, PDF, or JPG format.