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January 15, 2024 by Vic Lucarelli ( MI )
“The personal checks are very good. The battering of daily+ emails following the purchase has been terrible.”
December 11, 2020 by AllenM
“Small labels with really small text (by design) but they look fantastic.”
April 12, 2020 by chisholm585
“These worked very nicely for our craft beer bottles”
March 22, 2020 by It's an Epiphany Oils
“Just started a small business and these labels look professional”
May 15, 2019 by Los Vinos Virgins
“Got these for our groups first barrel of wine. Good product.”

Tailor a Unique Look for Your Bottle Label

Need to restock or create a new look for your bottle labels? Refresh your design with several standard shapes and custom sizes. Add your logo on a square, rectangle, oval or circle label. Indicate a specific width and height to fit the special size or shape of your bottle. Order in individual cut-to-size or in bulk roll labels for easy application on several items.

How to Choose the Best Size and Shape for Your Custom Bottle Labels

Decide between the cut-to-size or roll format.
Do you only need fewer than 250 pieces of bottle labels? The cut-to-size type is recommended for smaller quantities you’ll be applying on the bottles yourself. The roll label is usually ordered for bulk quantities above 250 pieces. The roll diameter fits in most standard label guns.

Choose a shape that fits the bottle and a size that can contain all the necessary product information.
Cut-to-size labels come in 3 standard shapes: square, rectangle, and oval. There are over 20 sizes available for the square and rectangle. The circle and oval come in 4 standard sizes.

Below are the recommended square or rectangle sizes for specific bottle types.
  • 2”x 2” fits easily on a 187ml bottle.
  • 3.5” x 4” provides enough space for a 750ml Burgundy bottle.
  • 4” x 6” and 4”x 4” easily wrap around the front of a 750ml or a Bordeaux bottle.

Looking for a particular size not listed in the four shapes for roll labels? Select custom size and combine a wider range of widths and heights to match your specifications.

Print on any of the waterproof and oil-resistant materials available.
White vinyl
is waterproof and UV-resistant. Its surface is writable with a permanent ink marker. Recommended for soda and juice bottles that are exposed to water and moisture.

BOPP works well for bottle labels used on beverages such as wine and beer. You can print a design on a white, clear, or silver background. Its oil and chemical resistance prevent it from fading and disintegrating. Plus, your label looks good as new while refrigerated, able to withstand a minimum of 41° F.

Printing labels on clear BOPP requires specific file settings, specifically for the white ink or colored layers. We can set up your file to have the correct transparency and colored settings.
  • Make everything transparent – this doesn’t add a white layer to your file but makes all elements clear.
  • Make only the background transparent – this adds a white ink layer on the text and image on your file and keeps the background clear.
  • Make white areas on file print clear – this turns all text, images, and background to be transparent. Every other element will keep their solid colors.
  • Follow file transparency settings – this means you have setup the file to have the correct transparency and white layers. Our production team will print it as is.

How to Create Your Custom Bottle Labels Online

  1. After inputting your specs on the online calculator, select Upload Now to send a file directly for us to print.
  2. If you don’t have a print ready file, you can create a design online. Go to the Design Online option and you’ll be taken to a blank space in your chosen size and shape.
  3. You can review a free PDF proof of your file before it’s printed. Under Proofing Options, select I need a PDF Proof so you can check and approve before production.

Bottle Label Printing FAQs

Q: How do the custom bottle labels stick to the bottles?
A: Bottle labels are made of a permanent self-adhesive that sticks to almost any surface. Cut-to-size labels have scores at the back to show where you can peel off the cover on the adhesive side.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for bottle label printing?
A: Yes, you can order at least 25 labels for the cut-to-size format. Roll labels are available for a minimum order of 250 pieces.

Q: How much does it cost to print labels?
A: The printing cost will depend on the format, size, shape, and material of your bottle label. Roll labels cost slightly more than the cut-to-size format. An order of 250 2” x 2” square cut-to-size labels made of white sticker paper costs 10¢ each, while the same quantity and in a square size costs 77¢ each. You save more per piece with a larger quantity order.

Q: Can I add a logo to my bottle label design?
A: Use the online design tool to add a logo or download any of the printing templates to get started. Just upload an image and add it to the design tool’s blank canvas. Or download any of our print templates and edit with your preferred software. Download in PUB, PSD, AI, ID, or JPG format.

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

“I will now only order my labels from this company.”
- Quincy, Georgia

“This is not my first order. I have been completely satisfied with both your products and your delivery times.”
- Daryl, North Carolina

“The labels were perfect. They gave the product a professional look. Well done!”
- Pearl Creations, Virginia

Bottle Label Layout Templates

Download layout templates so your bottle labels meet the necessary printing standards. All file templates include guidelines to ensure you get the results you want upon printing.

Custom Bottle Label Marketing and Design Tips

Use these helpful design tips to help you get started on your bottle labels.

  • Stick to a clean and simple design. The simpler, the better. No need to worry about adding too many details. A clean look is easy on the eyes and stands out against bright colors in the grocery aisle.
  • Combine the right colors with a suitable font. Narrow down color choices according to your brand’s style guide. Make sure the font is readable and fits the impression you want to make.

To learn more about bottle label printing and and other label products, here are a couple articles from the PrintPlace Blog.
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