Metallic Hang Tag Printing

Products Stand Out With Metallic Hang Tag Printing

Metallic hang tag printing keeps your branding attached to your retail products for instant credibility. Our numerous options allow you to create unique, visually stunning metallic hang tags that are poised to steal anyone’s attention.

Tough and Pretty

Our 16 pt. cardstock offering combines ruggedness with luxury.

  • Tough cardstock that will not bend easily
  • Half the thickness of a credit card
  • Matches well with premium retail products

Good to Know: You can add pre-drilled holes for ribbons or strings

To Coat or Not to Coat

You can choose to add high-gloss UV coating or leave your metallic print hang tags with the standard gloss coating. Here’s the difference:

  • Gloss Coating keeps things simple. Choose this option if you intend to write on your hang tags.
  • High-Gloss UV Coating (one or both sides) adds a layer of protection against dust and fingerprints. Results in a highly reflective surface.

Another Way to Stand Out

For added flair, you can opt for Spot UV and pinpoint design elements you want your customers to focus on.

  • Spot UV is a special coating applied to a specific part of your design
  • Make logos and other details stand out by making them extra glossy
  • Use on font sizes larger than 9 pt.


How big is the hole drilling?
  • The holes are â??” in diameter.
What’s the most popular metallic print hang tag size and shape?
  • Most people order square hang tags with 2” x 2” being the most popular size.
Can you explain turnaround for me?
  • Turnaround is the number of days it takes to print your hang tags. Holidays and weekends are not counted. It does not include shipping time.
Are strings included when the hang tags?
  • No. Strings are not included.
Can I add handwritten notes on your hang tags?
  • Yes, our uncoated option makes it easy to jot down notes smudge-free.

Layout Templates for Hang Tags

Start with our free layout templates. Metallic hang tag templates are provided in EPS, JPG, and PDF formats in both landscape and portrait orientation. The hole position will be shown on the PDF proof per the size and location you specified on your order.

View Metallic Hang Tags Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Metallic Hang Tag Printing Tips

Here are a few reminders on creating an effective metallic print hang tag design for your retail items.

  • Put your logo front and center – Make it easy for customers to identify your brand.
  • Add Spot UV – This special coating makes specific elements stand out.
  • Use a font size larger than 9 pt. – Anything smaller and it will be harder to read.

Include website information – Tell customers where they can find you.