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Create shiny rack cards with all the information your customers are looking for.

  • Add metallic accents on one or both sides
  • Print lists or menus on durable 16 pt cardstock
  • Come in the 9” x 4” rack card size
  • Apply spot UV or high gloss on both sides

Print Metallic Rack Cards Customers Will Bring on-the-Go

Entice customers with metallic rack cards that stand out at first glance. Add metallic accents to your hotel logo or call attention to a list of premium massage services.

Make It Even More Extra

We print metallic rack cards in the standard 9” x 4” dimension and on durable 16 pt cardstock. Its thick weight adds to the luxurious impression of your business.

Choose among three finishes on the front or back sides of your metallic rack card.

High gloss UV

  • Allows colors to pop and come out in vivid detail
  • Gives the rest of your card extra shine and gloss
  • Ideal for deeper, darker colors that complement the light, metallic hues


  • Complements the extra shine from the metallic elements
  • Provides a writable, elegant surface

Spot UV

  • A shiny high gloss coating applied to specific areas
  • Creates a varied texture on the surface
  • Apply it on details customers seek or need to know