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“I Purchased these vinyl labels for my product packaging and they work wonderfully!”
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“I ordered labels and colors were good, and on time. Very pleased.”

How to Choose the Best Specs for Your Product Label Printing

Consider the shape of the bottle, jar, box, or bag. This will determine the best shape and corresponding size for your product label. Choose from the standard square, rectangle, circle, or oval available for both cut-to-size and roll labels. Below are the common applications for the four shapes:

  • A square-shaped label suits most logos.
  • The rectangle is ideal for mailing labels.
  • The oval and circle work best for custom product labels on food or drink items.

Below are the most popular dimensions for cut-to-size labels:

Account for the elements your product will be exposed to. Are you selling hygiene items or toiletries? Water or juices served in bottles? You need to print in waterproof materials such as vinyl or BOPP.

  • White vinyl sticker paper is waterproof and suitable for products displayed outdoors or stored in a refrigerator such as custom wine labels. Its high gloss UV coating makes it resistant to weather conditions, scratching, and abrasion. Available for cut-to-size labels.
  • BOPP comes in clear, white, and silver metallic finishes. It is made of durable and waterproof polypropylene film. Normally seen on bottled juices and alcoholic beverages. It comes in gloss or matte lamination. Available for roll labels.
  • Vellum or laid textures are a water-resistant alternative normally seen on wines and other luxury items. It comes in white or cream textures that stay waterproof for at least four hours in an ice bucket. It can also be refrigerated like BOPP labels but is not oil and chemical resistant.

Select a format that suits the purpose and application of your product labels. Cut-to-size labels are printed in maximum quantities of 250 pieces. These are easier to apply by hand on small volume orders. Roll labels are printed in quantities above 250. Each roll fits in most label guns for fast, easy, and automatic applications.

Elevate the Branding Seen on Every Item

Add a protective coating that highlights your logo or makes the ingredients list easier to read. Choose a coating that would best amplify your design:

  • Gloss makes the colors pop and adds a reflective shine against the light.
  • The high gloss gives an extra vibrant touch to the label’s colors and has a brighter shine compared to gloss.
  • Matte has a low glare finish that makes the text more readable. Perfect for products that come with long instructions and ingredients lists.

Start custom label printing by uploading a ready-made design or by creating a new file with our online design tool. Our print experts will guide you every step of the way for you to enjoy our affordable rates.

Custom Product Labels FAQs

Q: Does the turnaround time include the shipping transit time?
A: Turnaround represents the number of days required to produce your label. It does not include shipping transit time or direct mail processing time. All turnaround times are based on business days and exclude national holidays.

To find out your order’s transit time and expected arrival date, click on “Get Shipping Estimate” at the bottom of the online calculator. This will show a full list of shipping prices based on your preferred arrival date.

Q: What is the difference between white paper and white vinyl sticker materials?
A: White paper stickers are best used on items stored and displayed indoors. Use white sticker paper on products that don’t need refrigeration and won’t be exposed to water. White vinyl stickers are thicker and more durable, able to withstand exposure to outdoor elements such as UV light and water.

Q: What is the difference between gloss and high gloss coating?
A: Gloss coating gives your label some extra shine and reflects against the light. It is also writable using a ballpoint pen. High gloss coating gives a greater shine and makes the label UV resistant. It is not writable but does withstand wear and tear.

Q: Can I create a design online or use a printable template with guidelines to get started?
A: Yes, you may use our online design tool to create a label from scratch. Select “Design Online” at the bottom of the online calculator to get started.

If you prefer to create your product label design on an editing software, go to the “Layout Templates” tab and download any of the files available. Available in EPS, JPG, or PDF format.

Product Label Layout Templates

Our layout templates also ensure that your product labels meet our printing guidelines with bleed lines. You may download the right layout template for your label in EPS, PDF, or JPG format.

How to Create Effective Custom Labels

It’s important to keep certain design rules and brand goals in mind when creating your custom labels. Here are a few tips to help you create standout personalized labels.

  • Keep things clear and simple - An effective label should always serve its main purpose. So, if it’s a food or drink label, make sure the storage and heating instructions are easy to read.
  • Use bright and attractive colors - You can’t go wrong with bold colors. Contrast bright colors with a white background and avoid neon hues.
  • Add a useful feature or piece of information - Print a recipe as part of your food label or add a fun activity like a maze. Studies show that these features entice customers to purchase the item.
  • Stay on brand - If you mail information to your clients or prospects, don’t overlook the importance of printing a branded label to make a professional impression. Use mailing labels, shipping labels, and return address labels to carry over your marketing brand and ensure continuity.

We also print custom labels on uncoated paper stock for adhesive name tags, food labels, or carton labels. Since our label stock is laser-safe, you may have it professionally printed here and then personalized with specific names or products with your laser printer. Just remember to design your labels in a compatible size.

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