Spot UV Bookmarks

Spot UV Bookmark Printing Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

Looking for new ways to reach prospective donors after your fundraising event? Spot UV bookmark printing is a unique, useful way to be part of your client’s everyday experience.

How to Promote Your Nonprofit Effectively Using Custom Bookmarks

Working for an educational nonprofit organization? Take advantage of the spot UV bookmark's luxurious look with these helpful promotional tips:

  • Apply extra shine and a raised texture of spot UV printing on your logo or company name. The polished touch guides readers to the important details about your organization.
  • Contrast spot UV gloss with a smooth matte surface or give your design a consistent shine with gloss on both sides.
  • Print in large or handy sizes that are easy to keep and enclose in a book. Select the standard 2" x 8" or the slightly longer 3.5" x 8.5.
  • Include important contact information like your website, email, and number. Interested donors can easily contact you once they see these details.
  • Add a 1/4" or 1/8" hole in the top center to attach a string to each bookmark.

Need more information to create your organization's personalized bookmark? Our print experts are available to answer your questions.

Spot UV Bookmark Printing Layout Templates

Download a layout template below that matches your preferred bookmark dimensions. This will help verify that your artwork meets all of our guidelines. It will help ensure your text fits inside the caution zone and your design bleeds to the paper’s edge. 

Once you’ve downloaded your selected template, follow these steps as you create the artwork:

  1. Download the Adobe Illustrator template above. 
  2. Open it in Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Open the Layers window to see the Guides and Area layers for the spot UV sections.
  4. As you create your artwork, make sure it is done in the "Your Artwork Here" layer.
  5. Place the spot UV elements in their respective, labeled layers.
  6. Save your artwork in PDF format.
Note: Follow the specifications provided so you can be sure your artwork prints correctly.