Spot UV Hang Tags

Build the Strongest & Biggest Impression With Spot UV Hang Tag Printing

Show your brand off with small but meaningful details. Spot UV hang tag printing elevates your pricing information. The extra shiny high gloss surface focuses your customer’s attention. Let this special printing technique highlight a logo, company name, website or other important information.

Shine Bright and Stand Out In an Instant

Spot UV hang tags add texture and shine to specific areas on your design. Create an elegant contrast between the shiny elements and the soft, muted surface.

Here’s how you can achieve extra elegance and luxury on your custom hang tags:

  • Text and images appear elevated and textured against the surface.
  • Extra thick and durable 16 pt. cardstock adds to the high-quality print on your glossy design.
  • All spot UV hang tags come with hole drilling on the top center, allowing for quick and easy attachment to your product.

Have specific questions about spot UV hang tag printing? Our print experts are ready to answer and address any of your concerns.


Layout Templates for Spot UV Hang Tags

Start with one of our free layout templates to design your spot UV hang tags. These spot UV hang tag templates are in EPS, JPG, and PDF formats in both landscape and portrait orientation. The hole position will be shown on the PDF proof per the size specified on your order.

View Spot UV Hang Tags Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.