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May 20, 2022 by TayT ( SC )
“I'm very pleased with how fast and professional everything came in! Nice quality”
April 28, 2022 by Caffeine Underground ( SC )
“To the wonderful price with quick turnaround time and a solid product. I only wish there was an option to purchase grommets, when I was able to do that myself.”
April 19, 2022 by ( SC )
“Turned out exactly as designed. Is of high quality and was delivered MUCH sooner than expected & at a price considerably lower than competitors. Can wholly recommend!!”
September 6, 2021 by April G
“Great Quality, bold beautiful colors, and has nice sturdy weight to the vinyl.”
July 14, 2021 by Lance
“Loved the banner! It was exactly what we needed! It was printed very quick, and looked exactly the way we wanted. I'm a graphic designer, so I really appreciate good quality products that display my designs the way I want them to be displayed, and PrintPlace always comes through with that. And that's true of this banner. Plus it was cheaper than most other online printing services. You can't go wrong with less money and better quality!”

Make Every Second Count With Easy to Read & Extremely Durable Vinyl Banners

It only takes a few seconds to capture a passerby’s attention. A bright, colorful vinyl banner displayed in a high-traffic area can get your message across to thousands of individuals. Our durable, high-quality banners make a big statement in indoor and outdoor settings. Create custom designs to promote restaurant delivery services or establish your real estate offerings. You can also gain a wider reach for political messages or to remind people about social distancing during outdoor events.

The Mark of a Message That Lasts

Print your custom vinyl banners on three variations of this long-lasting material. Select the option that suits your display environment and overall design.

18 oz. matte vinyl

18 oz. matte vinyl

  • The best choice for long-term outdoor use (lasts up to 5 years)
  • Strongest banner material; puncture-resistant
  • Has a smooth surface perfect for close range viewing

standard 13 oz vinyl

Standard 13 oz. Vinyl

  • Suitable for 3- to 5-year outdoor use
  • The affordable alternative for indoor and outdoor displays
  • Matte finish allows for visibility under a bright light

9 oz. Mesh Vinyl

9 oz. Mesh Vinyl

  • Tear-resistant in windy environments
  • The best choice for viewing from a far distance
  • Design viewable from behind; suitable for simple designs

A Size for Every Statement on Your Custom Vinyl Banners

Create everything from church vinyl banners to outdoor vinyl banners viewable in our wide range of sizes. The standard vinyl banner sizes are as follows:

  • 3' x 6' is small enough to hang at a booth or in store but visible enough from a close distance.
  • 6' x 4' also work indoors or at high-traffic outdoor events that gather a crowd.
  • 4' x 8' is wide enough to be seen from a distance.

An Announcement That Stays & Sticks With High-Quality Finishing Options

Choose from three secure finishing options that keep your full-color vinyl banner wherever or however it’s displayed.


Grommets are nickel holes fastened around the corners of your banner. You can slip twist ties through the holes or screw the custom vinyl banner to a wall.

pole pockets

Pole Pockets are made from folding the banner edges over and heat welding them to form a pocket. Poles or rope can be slipped through the pocket to carry the banner’s entire weight.


Hemming also has the banner edges folded over and heat welded to reinforce the sides. Add hemming with your grommets to strengthen the vinyl banner, especially for outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the strongest vinyl material?

The 18 oz. matte vinyl banner is the strongest material. It lasts up to 5 years even with repeated outdoor use.

How long will the vinyl banners last before the design fades?

Our 18 oz. matte vinyl lasts a maximum of 5 years when displayed outdoors with proper care and cleaning. It can withstand strong wind weather conditions. The standard 13 oz. vinyl lasts between 3 to 5 years outdoors. It can also withstand cold temperatures as low as -4°F. If you live in a windy city, the mesh vinyl lasts longer in such conditions.

Are vinyl banners waterproof?

Yes, all vinyl banners are waterproof and built for outdoor exposure to various weather conditions.

When can I expect my vinyl banner to arrive?

Vinyl banners with or without hemming can be printed in 1 business day. Orders with either grommets or pole pockets are produced in 3 business days.

Which is the most secure finishing option for a vinyl banner?

Your finishing option will depend on how you will display the banner. Pole pockets keep the banner taut and appear more even. Heat welding ensures that the edges aren't affected and do not interfere with your design.

Grommets are ideal for banners that will be hung with twist ties or screwed to a wall.

Vinyl Banner Layout Templates

Use our vinyl banners layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each size below in popular design formats.

View Vinyl Banners Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

The Keys to Instant Yet Lasting Visibility

Do not underestimate the impact of a large and colorful outdoor vinyl banner. Here are some tips that will help you create a memorable design worth displaying.

  • Keep in mind your vinyl banner's location. Will you hang it at an event booth, in a high-traffic street near your store or as a window display? How far will your customer be upon seeing the banner? Determining your location will determine the best font and image size.
  • Use vector images for illustrations. Unlike JPEGs and other bitmap files, vectors don’t have pixels that are easily seen on a large scale. Vector images appear sharp and crisp when placed in a large format. They are also easier to process and send online.
  • Be smart with your colors. Contrasting colors ensure readability on any design. The background should contrast the text. Stick a simple color scheme to avoid a busy and distracting design.
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