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June 5, 2020 by Fred
“We're running a series of tests refrigerating the bottles we applied the new stickers to and then letting them sit on the counter for a while. So far so good.”
May 15, 2020 by Merri
“First order with Print Place, everything was perfect!”
April 30, 2020 by Cjack66
“Received before promised. Will by again. Thank you”
April 25, 2020 by Seaglass
“The stickers have great color and stick well. They look lovely.”
April 10, 2020 by Pearl Creations
“The labels were perfect. They gave the product a professional look. Well done.”

Print Durable Waterproof Labels for Food & Beverage Items

If you need labels on items that require moisture-protection and durability, our waterproof labels fit the bill. Our custom waterproof labels are printed on vinyl or BOPP material. Both are built to withstand the rigors of immersion in water or high humidity. You may also choose the color, shape, and texture of your label.

How to Choose the Best Material for Your Custom Waterproof Labels Printing

The cut-to-size label is printed on white vinyl sticker by default. Select this option if you need:
  • A vibrant high-gloss finish to brighten your design
  • UV-resistant protection that will prevent fading
  • A writable surface for additional product information. Use a permanent ink market to write on this material.

BOPP or polypropylene film is commonly used on food and beverage items such as juice bottles and sauce jars. It is also used on bath products like shampoo and body wash. This waterproof material is available for roll labels. Here are the advantages of using BOPP:

  • Comes in three colors suitable for any design: silver metallic, clear, and white. The clear or transparent variation is ideal for bottles or plastic for a seamless blend with the container. The metallic and white complement the color of your bottle or package.
  • Offers exceptional resistance to fatigue compared to other types of label materials. Highly recommended for products that are to be handled and transferred in varying environments and weather conditions.Waterproof; oil and chemical resistant
  • Perfect for items that need to be chilled or stored in a refrigerator

How to Create Your Waterproof Label on PrintPlace

Select the correct size and shape for your label. Make sure it matches the size of your container and can contain all the required information for that type of product.

Keep these important design tips in mind:
  • The text should be legible. Larger elements like the company and product name should be readable from a distance, while lengthier text such as the list of ingredients and preparation should have a font size of at least 10 pts. or up.
  • Use a font color that contrasts the background color. Otherwise your customer may not be able to read the information very well.
  • Play with typography. This design method is used to show the relationship of the typeface with the information it disseminates. Choose fonts that best reflect your brand and product so that customers get the right impression of your item.
  • Maximize white space or the background color of the label design. This will help improve the flow of the information provided on your waterproof product label.

Choose a quantity suitable to the label type. Roll labels are commonly ordered in bulk (above 250 pieces), while cut-to-size is ordered in quantities below 250 since these are usually applied by hand.

Add protective coating that complements your design. Print in a vibrant gloss or high-gloss finish that shines under a light. Or apply an elegant matte so all the important information is readable.

Get in touch with any of our print experts. Have any questions about creating and printing waterproof labels? Contact our print experts and they’ll gladly answer your questions. You can contact them at 877-405-3849 or send a message via chat.

Waterproof Labels FAQs

Q: What is the difference between cut-to-size and roll labels?
A: Waterproof roll labels are printed in BOPP or vinyl. These are normally applied using a label gun for large order quantities. Perfect for bulk items that will be delivered to hundreds of customers.

Cut-to-size labels are normally applied by hand for small order quantities. Suitable for products you will prepare personally and require minimal labor before delivery.

Q: What is the minimum quantity to order waterproof labels?
A: You may order a minimum quantity of 25 cut-to-size labels and at least 250 pieces of roll labels. Note that the larger your order quantity, the less you spend on each label. For example, 25 cut-to-size labels cost 60¢ each, while 250 pieces cost only 12¢ each.

Q: What is the fastest turnaround time for my order?
A: You can print cut-to-size labels in 1 business day and roll labels in 2 business days. For the 1-day printing turnaround, the job must be approved and sent to us before midnight CST so that it can ship on the following business day. Check out the Printing Turnaround Times page for more information.

Q: Can I get a proof of my waterproof labels before they are printed?
A: Yes. You will see this option on the “Upload Your Design” page. To get a free PDF proof of your design, select “I need a PDF proof” under “Proofing Options”.

Q: Can I print in a size and shape that isn’t on the online calculator?
A: Yes, you can select “Custom Size” under roll labels. You’ll be provided a longer list of widths and heights to choose from to match the exact size and shape of your design.

Waterproof Labels Layout Templates

Our layout templates ensure that your waterproof labels meet our printing guidelines. You can download the right layout template in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format.

Waterproof Label Marketing and Design

In addition to a description of the contents of a container, labels should give an idea of what your brand is or what you want it to be.  Waterproof labels can last longer than their plain paper counterparts, standing up better to sweat, refrigeration, and liquid contents. This makes them an excellent choice for labels that keep spreading your brand, regardless of whether or not you’re expecting them to be immersed.

Waterproof labels are obviously the best choice for containers that will be exposed to moisture. But the attractive texture of vinyl and BOPP stocks can also improve your brand perception, making it a good choice in most situations to print waterproof labels. Clear BOPP for instance can also be used to show off the contents of any transparent container, while vinyl is a durable material to use for any labeling need.
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