Soap Boxes

Showcase your fresh, relaxing, and clean scented bars with soap boxes. Customize the details to highlight your product’s originality. From the size, finish, to material, choose features that will underscore your brand.


Use Custom Soap Packaging Boxes to Stand Out on the Shelf

Is your business releasing a new set of soap boxes? Or are you looking to rebrand and reposition your brand to increase sales? Your entry (or re-entry) into the market all begins with unique and memorable packaging. PrintPlace lets you choose and combine the details that will transform your vision into a tactile packaging experience. From sturdy cardstock, durable, and rustic Kraft material to elegant or shiny coatings, you can easily create soap packaging boxes that distinguish your item in one glance.

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How to Customize Your Soap Boxes

Measure for a size that fits your item and saves on transit costs.

Your soap boxes should not be too big or too small. If the dimensions are too large, the soap is likely to move around inside and be vulnerable to damage. A box that is too small can also wear and tear the soap ends. To get accurate dimensions, measure the packaging’s interior length, width, and depth. Do not base it on the box’s exterior, as the outside dimensions will not contain your product.

Select a material that best represents your brand.

All available options are sturdy and thick enough to look professional while protecting the item in transit. We recommend the card stock options for in-store items or soap you'll be delivering inside another box.

Kraft corrugated cardboard is available for brands that need to promote their organic, all-natural line. The brown, down-to-earth tone shows that you have the customer’s health and wellness in mind. It also complements earthy hues and green palettes.

Select a material that best represents your brand.

Have you yet to come up with your custom soap boxes design? Use our online design tool to create it straight from scratch, right on your browser. After inputting the specs you need, select “Design Online,” and your browser will load the 3D design tool.

The design tool shows a flat layout of the box and a 3D preview of the entire appearance. It includes printing guidelines to ensure accurate details during production. Every time you update a panel on the flat layout, the 3D preview will show how it will likely look after production.

Have any questions about our custom printing services? Contact any of our print experts via call or Live Chat, and they’ll gladly answer all your questions.

Custom Soap Boxes FAQs

Can I upload a file of my soap box design?

No, but you can request a dieline template. Input the specifications based on your ready design and select “Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template.” You’ll receive a PDF file that shows the flat layout of your box and the correct position of the different panels. The file ensures you accurately place the design elements to avoid any production errors.

Is there a minimum quantity to order soap boxes?

No, there is no minimum quantity. You can order 1 sample box, and we’ll produce it in 3 to 5 business days.

Do I save more with a wholesale soap boxes order?

Yes, if you need to maximize a large budget, we recommend ordering in bulk quantities. The bigger your order amount, the lower you spend per soap box. The online calculator reveals how much you save with every quantity available.

Can I review the soap box design before it’s sent to production?

Yes, you can request a free PDF proof after creating the design using our 3D tool. After completing the soap box design on the tool, select “Add to Cart” and choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” We will inspect the file and prepare a PDF proof that corrects it for any technical error. We will email the file and only manufacture the box after receiving your approval.

What is the fastest production time available?

We can produce 1 sample box in 3 to 5 business days. If you pay an additional fee, we can produce larger order quantities in 6 to 8 business days. Check the “Expedite Production” below the Production Time indicator on the online calculator for a faster manufacturing period.