Stickers and Labels

  • Create a sticker or label fit to the exact shape and size of your product
  • Print on materials built for shipping and food & beverage containers
  • Upload your print-ready file or use our intuitive online design tool

Popular Stickers

Tailor the perfect design for your product and brand promotions.

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

  • Four standard shapes
  • More than 20 sizes
  • Durable materials

Print Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

  • Durable & waterproof
  • Cut-to-size or roll
  • Various shapes & sizes

Print Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

  • Weather-proof vinyl
  • Waterproof UV coating
  • 4 standard shapes

Bulk Stickers

Bulk Stickers

  • Spend less on each unit
  • 10 durable materials
  • Matte, gloss & high gloss

Print Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers

  • A clean, minimalist look
  • Waterproof clear BOPP
  • Comes in bulk rolls

Print Business Stickers

Business Stickers

  • Various shapes & sizes
  • Cut-to-size or roll
  • Durable materials

Popular Labels

Customize your logo or company name into a distinct label.

Custom Labels

Custom Labels

  • Individual cut-to-size or roll
  • Four standard shapes
  • A wide variety of sizes

Print Product Labels

Product Labels

  • Upload or create a design
  • Waterproof vinyl & BOPP
  • 3 protective coatings

Print Waterproof Labels

Waterproof Labels

  • A wide range of sizes
  • Protective high gloss
  • Waterproof vinyl

Bottle Labels

Bottle Labels

  • Print in vinyl or BOPP
  • Different sizes for 4 shapes
  • Custom sizes for roll

Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

  • Gloss and matte options
  • Uncoated for writability
  • Over 20 sizes available

Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Labels

  • A wide range of sizes
  • Protective high gloss
  • Waterproof vinyl

Promote Your Business and Upgrade Your Packaging With High Quality, Professionally Printed Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels are an affordable way to promote and build your brand. Include fun, decorative stickers with customer purchases. Upgrade your product packaging or bottle labels with colorful and informative designs. Customize every detail and combine the right features when creating the correct sticker or label for your brand. At PrintPlace, we offer several types to fit your printing, branding, or marketing needs.

Find the Right Stickers and Labels for Your Business Needs

Will you be displaying the stickers and labels outdoors?
Looking for fun giveaways customers can display on their cars and other personal items? Give away bumper stickers that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor elements. Print a colorful version of your logo or company name. Customers can show their support while providing free advertising with a bumper sticker.

Vinyl stickers are another alternative for designs that will be exposed outdoors. This material is also waterproof and UV resistant, keeping your design good as new when displayed at a market or other similar settings.

Do you need to customize a design with a specific shape and size?
On both our custom stickers and labels pages, you can choose more than 10 sizes for the square and rectangle shapes. The roll stickers and labels come with a wider variety of sizes for the circle and oval shapes. You can also select Custom as your roll shape and combine several widths and heights.

Are you looking for a label built for certain items?
Create shipping labels that will withstand multiple handling and look good as new once your customer receives a package. Print on sticker paper with matte or gloss coating for fast and easy readability. If you need to write down names and addresses, uncoated sticker paper and textured materials are also available.

You can also customize waterproof labels for meal packages or water bottle labels designed for specific shapes. There are sizes available for the front side and wrap around the entire bottle.

Product labels are also easy to create on their respective product page. After choosing the correct size, shape, and material, you can upload a design or create a design from scratch in the online tool. Layout templates that include all the necessary guidelines to ensure an accurately printed design can be downloaded in your preferred file format.

Are you creating stickers and labels with a definitive branding purpose?
Distribute business stickers among your company’s promotional tools. Give them away at events or as part of your staff’s welcome kit. Print them in the exact shape of your logo or find a fun way to redesign your company name.

You could also print clear stickers. These are perfect for labels or decorative designs that have a clean, minimalist approach. No need to set the colors on your file correctly upon submission. Just select from any of the white ink choices so we can do the technical work for you.

Stickers and Labels FAQs

Q: What is the difference between cut-to-size and roll labels?
A: Cut-to-size labels and stickers are printed in quantities below 250. These are normally applied by hand since they come in small, manageable numbers.

Roll stickers and labels can be ordered in quantities above 250 pieces. These rolls fit in a standard label gun for fast, automated applications.

Q: How do I print my logo on labels?
A: You can upload a file with your logo and have it printed on the size, shape, and material of your choice. PDF is the best file for printing but we also accept JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, and EPS formats.

You can also use our online design tool. Here you can upload your logo and place it on a canvas in the size and shape chosen on the online calculator.

Q: Which is the most durable sticker and label type available?
A: Vinyl sticker paper is waterproof and UV resistant. It is made to last in both indoor and outdoor settings.

For labels that will be placed on food and beverage containers, we recommend the BOPP materials. BOPP is meant to last in a refrigerator and other cool storage settings. It’s both waterproof and oil resistant.

Q: How soon can I receive my stickers and labels order?
A: Your order’s arrival depends on the type (cut-to-size or roll), quantity, material, and selected production time. To find out the estimated shipping date based on these factors, select “Get Shipping Estimate” at the bottom of the online calculator. Here you can input a ZIP code and get a list of estimated arrivals of your order, along with the transit time.

See all stickers and labels FAQs here.

Free Downloadable Print Templates

Our print geeks have put together these free, ready-to-print templates you can use for your business. You can add your logo, change the text, and we’ll get it printed and on its way to you.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Print Templates page.