Cake Boxes

  • Choose the best size and structure for your cakes
  • Available in sturdy cardstock or corrugated cardboard
  • Customize the design online & preview it in 3D


Create a Distinct, Personalized Design for Your Cake Boxes

Make a strong impression when customers check out your cakes or have them delivered to their doorsteps. Create custom cake boxes that keep your creation intact while also showcasing your brand. Customize every detail of your cake box – the size, structure, material, and coating – to create the perfect packaging for your baked goodies.

We offer lightweight yet durable cardstock for miniature cakes, along with thick corrugated cardboard for long-distance deliveries. Several protective coatings are also available to make the text readable or highlight the bright colors specific to your brand. All details can be combined and finalized online on the 3D design tool. Find out how it all comes together in our step-by-step guide for creating printed cake boxes below.

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Customize Your Cake Boxes from Start to Finish

1. Select the best material for the weight and size of your cake.

Cardstock is a lightweight yet sturdy option fit for cakes that will be bought as takeout or displayed in your bakery. The 14 pt. is recommended for small-sized items, while the 18 pt. can fit medium-sized cakes that aren’t too heavy to carry. For slightly larger but not too bulky cakes, we recommend the 24 pt. cardstock.

Sending out cakes door to door? The corrugated cardboard choices are made of three layers built to withstand external impact and long transit. Perfect for large, heavy cakes that need to stay intact while in a delivery van, bike, or motorcycle.

2. Input a size that will protect the overall structure and form of your cake.

We offer a wide range of lengths, widths, and depths you can combine to fit and protect your cake from damage. After you’ve chosen the best dimension from the range below, the preview tool will show its appearance based on the size:

  • Length: 0.75” – 30”
  • Width: 0.75” – 20”
  • Depth: 1.75” – 20”

3. Pick a color and coating that best represent your brand.

Cardstock can be printed in the exact hue of your choice. The online design tool lets you preview and adds colors on the flat layout of the indicated box size.

The corrugated cardboard choices come in two white hues: the standard white is a more affordable option for those who need a smooth, clean touch to their design. The premium white is recommended for bakeries catering to high-end customers or for cakes made for special occasions.

Want to highlight the bold and bright colors of your cake boxes? For the ultimate shine, add high gloss to elevate the brilliant shades of your brand. If you don’t want it too shiny but you need your boxes to stand out, choose gloss to give your packaging surface a balanced sheen.

Matte has the least glare and works best on neutral, pastel colors. Perfect for brands that have lengthy text or special instructions on cake care.

4. Choose which sides will showcase the design.

You can have us manufacture the exterior design or print it on the interior. Full-color printing is available for the outside or inside only or on both sides.

If you only need a blank design, this option is also available.

5. Input the quantity you need.

No minimum quantity is required to order. You can order one sample and we will produce it based on your specifications.

Have room for a bigger budget? We recommend ordering in larger quantities to maximize the cost per unit. Wholesale cake boxes are cheaper per unit compared to a smaller quantity. You can use the online calculator to check how much you’ll save when you make a wholesale order.

Custom Cake Boxes FAQs

Can I upload a print-ready file for the cake box design?

No, we do not accept direct uploads of a box design. However, you can request a dieline template or a PDF file that shows the flat layout of the cake box. It contains the different panels and indicates where to place each part of your design. Use this as a reference to ensure the correct production of your custom cake boxes.

How long does it take to produce the custom cake boxes?

The standard production time is between 10 to 15 business days. Your order is shipped after this period. If you need a faster production time, select “Expedite Production” on the online calculator, and we'll manufacture the boxes in 6 to 8 business days.

Note that one sample order only takes three to five business days to manufacture.

Can I review the box design file before it’s sent to production?

Yes, you can review and approve a PDF file of your final box design before it’s manufactured. After completing the design in the online design tool, go to “Add to Cart” and select “Send me a PDF proof for approval” on the pop-up window. We will only proceed with production after receiving your approval.