Custom Product Boxes

Order custom carbonless forms for effortless business transactions and to make a big first impression.

  • Zero mess and duplicate copies guaranteed
  • Full-color or black custom invoice book printing
  • Sequential numbering helps keep receipts in order
  • A useful tool across a number of industries

No Minimum Quantity
No Minimum Quantity
 High-quality, Full-Color Prints
High-quality, Full-Color Prints
Intuitive Online 3D Design Tool
Intuitive Online 3D Design Tool
Sustainably Sourced & Recyclable Materials
Sustainably Sourced & Recyclable Materials
Free Artwork File Check
Free Artwork File Check

How to Order


Customize your box.

Choose the specifications of your custom boxes starting
with the dimensions, material, printed sides, and quantity.


Design your box.

Create your own design with the help of our intuitive online
3D design tool or upload your own artwork.


Receive your box.

Once we’ve printed your custom boxes, you can just wait
for your custom boxes to be delivered at your home.

Get Inspired

Corrugated Material Options

Choose from our selection of high-quality corrugated materials for your custom boxes

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

  • Offers a clean and fresh look
  • Ideal for medical as well as health and beauty products
  • Colors appear smoother and vibrant
Premimum White Corrugated Cardboard

Premimum White Corrugated Cardboard

  • Gives off a premium and luxurious feel
  • Perfect for luxury and electronic products
  • Has a soft and smooth surface
Kraft (Brown)  Corrugated Cardboard

Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

  • Made from partially recycled materials
  • Provides a distinct texture and organic feel
  • Great for natural and organic products
Premium White  Corrugated with Glossy Ink

Premium White Corrugated with Glossy Ink

  • Looks and feel premium
  • Glossy coating that provides a smooth surface
  • Suitable for luxury, cosmetics, and health products

Paper Material and Coating Options

Check out the different cardstock thickness that we offer as well as the premium finishes that you can add to your product boxes:

Thickness Options

14 pt. Cardstock

14 pt. Cardstock

The thinnest cardstock we have. It is lightweight yet durable enough to store a variety of retail products such as snacks, tea, coffee, and more.

18 pt. Cardstock

18 pt. Cardstock

This material is a bit more durable and expensive than 14 pt. cardstock. It also has more weight capacity, making it great for heavier products such as cosmetics, electronics, food, etc.

24 pt. Cardstock

24 pt. Cardstock

The thickest paper material we have for our product boxes. It is the most durable and very capable of keeping heavy products safe and secured.

Coating Options

Glossy Aqueous Coating

Glossy Aqueous Coating

Provides a mirror-like finish to your product boxes. This coating reflects light so it can make your packaging look extra shiny. It can also make colors “pop” and appear more vibrant.

Matte Aqueous Coating

Matte Aqueous Coating

Gives off a more muted and subdued feel when compared to gloss coating. This provides an elegant touch to your product boxes, making it ideal for luxury products.

High-Gloss UV Coating

High-Gloss UV Coating

Very similar to gloss coating in providing a shiny and smooth surface to your product boxes. The only difference is that this coating makes the colors more resistant to fading and gives your boxes a thicker feel.

Custom Product Box

Order a Sample Custom Box

Create a single custom box with your own design and specifications that can be shipped within 5 business days.

To order your sample box, set the quantity to “1” at our price calculator.

Custom Product Box FAQs

A: You can customize the dimensions of your product box based on the following ranges:

  • Length: 0.75" – 30"
  • Width: 0.75" – 20"
  • Depth: 1.75" – 20"
Take note that the following measurements refer to the interior of the box. You may want to add some clearance to each side of your product dimensions, depending on how you want your product to fit inside the box.

A: There is no minimum order quantity. You can purchase as few as 1 box if you want to check the quality of our custom boxes first before purchasing a bigger order.

A: Yes, we do. Just choose No Printing (blank) in the printed sides option. You can also opt for inside or outside only printing as well as printing on both the inside and outside of the box.

A: You can use our intuitive 3D online design tool to customize the design of your product box for free. Just click Design Online in the product calculator and then you can start adding text, logos, and other graphic elements to your custom box right away.

A: Our team double-checks every design or artwork before starting the production of the boxes to eliminate any errors in printing. If we spot any mistakes, we will reach out to you or make the necessary adjustments on our own for a more streamlined process.