Perfume Boxes

  • Get the exact dimensions to fit the bottle
  • Showcases quality in sturdy box materials
  • Highlight brand elements w/ premium printing


Captivate Sight Before Scent With Bold and Elegant Perfume Boxes

Treat your customers to a luxurious experience every time they receive your perfume boxes. Create a beautiful, tactile design that harnesses sight to preview your aroma’s powerful scent. Customize the details of your perfume boxes to introduce the power of your product’s scent while establishing the sophistication of the brand. Whether the design is minimalist or bright and bold, you can choose from various materials and textures to elevate the unique look. Check out the assortment of features to complete the visual you have in mind.

perfume boxes

How to Customize Your Perfume Packaging Boxes

Not sure where to begin when it comes to creating custom perfume boxes? Follow the guide below, and you’ll narrow down the best options for your brand’s unique design:

Input accurate dimensions for your perfume bottle.

Use the interior length, width, and depth to get the accurate dimensions of your perfume box. Approximating the inside measurements ensures that the bottle fits snugly inside the packaging. Anything too small or too large may damage your product.

Choose a material that will complement your design.

Cardstock is available in three sturdy options that vary in terms of thickness and weight. You can also opt for the corrugated cardboard choices that come in white or Kraft brown.

Add protective coatings and premium printing features.

Elevate any of the materials with elegant matte, shiny gloss, or extra bright high gloss coating. If you need to distinguish your packaging further, premium printing features such as bright spot UV, shiny foil, or raised embossing are available. Contact any of our box specialists to know more.

Print on both sides or only on the outside of the box, depending on your budget.

Design the exterior of your custom perfume boxes or keep customers engaged with a printed interior. The online calculator lets you choose between the exterior or interior for the printed sides.

Ask our print experts to guide you through all the printing features.

Have specific questions about our custom printing services and available custom box features? Contact any of our print experts, and they’ll provide all the necessary explanations.

Use the online design tool to create the perfume boxes from scratch.

Have you yet to come up with your unique packaging design? Use the online design tool to get started. It loads a canvas showing the flat interior layout beside a 3D preview. Every time you update a section on the flat panel, the 3D preview of your box shows its likely appearance upon printing.

Custom Perfume Boxes FAQs

Can I upload a print-ready file of my perfume box design to the site?

No, but you can request a dieline template. After inputting your perfume box’s specifications, select “Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template.” The template is a flat layout of your package based on the dimensions, material, and coatings. It includes the printing guidelines and the different panels that show the correct placement for each design element. We will accept files that use this template and use it during production.

Is there a minimum quantity required for my order?

No, you can order 1 sample box for your custom perfume boxes, and we’ll produce it based on your design. We recommend requesting a sample to get the exact size you require.

Note that any sample order made of cardstock has a lower print resolution than a bulk order. A sample box also doesn’t include coating options.

Do I save more with bulk printing?

Yes, if you order perfume boxes wholesale, the less you spend per perfume box. The online calculator lists down the discounts or amounts saved for every quantity available.

Can I review the box design file before it’s sent to production?

You can request a free PDF proof after designing the perfume box on the online 3D tool. Go to “Add to Cart” and choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” We will email the PDF proof and wait for your approval. Production for your custom perfume boxes will only begin after we receive your approval online.

What is the fastest production time available for perfume boxes?

You can expedite the perfume boxes production between 6 to 8 business days. Check “Expedite Production” on the online calculator if you need a shorter manufacturing period. Note that an expedited production time will cost a little extra. The online calculator will include the additional rate.

Production of 1 sample box has the fastest production time at 3 to 5 business days.