Cheap Postcards

High-quality prints at affordable rates.
  • Standard 4" x 6" starts at 2¢ each
  • Available in gloss, matte, or high gloss UV
  • Direct mailing & EDDM services available

Affordable Postcard Options

Order at least 5,000 pieces to maximize your savings.

Postcard Printing
4.25" x 5.5" Postcards

  • Order 5,000 at 2¢ each
  • 10 pt. cardstock
  • Gloss on both sides

Postcard Printing
6" x 11" Postcards

  • 5,000 pieces and up
  • 10 pt. cardstock
  • Only 6¢ each postcard

Postcard Printing
Custom Size Postcards

  • 5,000 pieces and up
  • 10 pt. cardstock
  • Price starts at $113.50

Compare Prices for Different Postcard Sizes and Quantity

Planning a marketing campaign on a limited budget? Postcards are an affordable and more effective alternative to pricey digital ads. For as low as 2¢ per piece, you can print 5,000 pieces or more. 

Prices depend on your preferred size and quantity. Ordering a larger quantity lets you save more per piece. The tables below show how much you spend and save:

Size 4.25" x 5.5" Postcards

QuantityPrice Per Piece* Total Price 
10,000 $195.50
5,000 $113.50
1,000 $47.00
500 $40.00
250 14¢ $36.50
100 22¢ $22.00
25 62¢ $15.50
Size 4" x 6" Postcards

QuantityPrice Per Piece* Total Price 
10,000 $216.50
5,000 $125.50
1,000 $52.50
500 $43.50
250 16¢ $40.00
100 24¢ $23.50
25 62¢ $15.50
Size 5" x 7" Postcards

QuantityPrice Per Piece* Total Price 
10,000 $280.50
5,000 $161.00
1,000 $66.00
500 11¢ $55.00
250 20¢ $50.50
100 28¢ $28.50
25 74¢ $18.50
Size 6" x 11" Postcards

QuantityPrice Per Piece* Total Price 
10,000 $618.00
5,000 $373.50
1,000 17¢ $173.50
500 30¢ $152.00
250 56¢ $141.00
100 74¢ $74.50
25 $1.72 $43.00

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice. You may check individual product pages for the updated prices.

How to Save on Postcard Printing and Mailing

In search of an innovative yet affordable way to reach and gain new customers? Look no further than the tried and tested way of sending out direct mail postcards. Compared to other marketing channels, direct mail has a 5.1% household response--a number much higher than the 0.4% you get from social media or 0.6% from email and paid search. 

You also spend less but reach a wider market with a direct mail marketing campaign. Our EDDM services send the postcards to specific addresses near your store. Unlike a Facebook ad or tweet, your message arrives directly at your customer’s doorstep. The potential customer is in the mindset to sit down and look at your message. 

Here are a few more ways you can save without compromising a large reach:

  1. Buy the postcards in bulk. You spend less per piece with a large order. It gets more expensive with a smaller quantity.
  2. Choose a mailable size. Handing out postcards in bulk can be costly and time consuming. Select a mailable size such as 4.25” x 5.5” or 4” x 6” so it classifies as First-Class mail in USPS.
  3. Add our direct mail services. Our direct mail services include processing one mailing list, presorting of postcards, and delivery to USPS. 

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The print quality is very good considering the cost. Yes, one can get better printing, but you will pay significantly more for it. I have printed numerous jobs here in they do very good work. I would say 97% quality. I have printed jobs that rate 100%, but the price is nearly double. I think this is an excellent value and I keep coming back to print here.

- NoCo Erik

What our customers are saying

Print place make my job easier when it come to ordering my advertising post cards. The prices are so good that its hard not to come back for more. Thank you Print Place.

- Florida Pest Innovations

What our customers are saying

On time - great quality and unbeatable price. Always a great job and easy to order

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